X:ED Sydney November 2014

X:ED Sydney November 2014

Mobile and Online Payments Meet-up

X:ED Sydney, November 2014

The payments landscape is an ever evolving beast, most notably in recent times due to the swift advancement of the Mobile and Online payments sector. The industry has also had a huge amount of buzz of late, particularly due to Apple’s first foray into mobile payment technology, resulting in a further revving up of the competition and a quickening of the already rapid pace with which tech’s heavy hitters- along with many up and comers, are advancing to dominate both the mobile and online payments industry and make their systems the best, most efficient and user friendly.

With all these seismic changes within the payments sector and with Mobile and Online payment’s enormous potential only just starting to be realised, this landscape makes for an incredibly important and topical area of conversation.

It was for this reason that, Xpand’s own Andrew Blades, David Cooney and Juliet Baker hosted this fascinating and informative evening centred on these core topics.

We were fortunate enough to have on our panel these amazing guest speakers;

Our amazing panel included;

  • Amor Sexton, Digital Currency Lawyer, Adroit Lawyers,
  • Daniel Nelson, PayPal/Braintree Head of Enterprise Development,
  • Phillip Finnegan, Clear2Pay Asia Pacific General Manager - Australia, New Zealand & SE Asia,

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