Will McGreal

Will McGreal

Will McGreal

Consultant – Technology, Melbourne

A brief description of your career history:  

I have spent the last seven years working in different sales roles mostly in financial services. I have spent the last three years working in recruitment and have allways enjoyed building relationships with both candidates and clients.

What makes you ‘now’ in technology?

I have built up strong networks in the technology projects space in Melbourne. This has helped me to keep my ear to the ground and ahead of the curve in regards to the big technology happenings of today.

What do you see as the next big game changer within the Digital Media and Technology industry?

After seeing one of those circular floor robot hoovers in action recently, I believe that house robots of all description will become mainstream within the next 5 years.

You call yourself a specialist. Why? 

Because I only work within ANZ technology contracts I can build up talent pools and learn everything there is to know about my client.

What is the best thing about your role?

I find it very interesting working so closely with a client like ANZ. 

Who sits next to you in the office? 

Peter O’Connell and Marcus Logan.

When you were a child, what did you want to be? 

A footballer.

What is your favourite quote? 

“Giggs!.....Giggs will tear you apart..again”

If you could invite 5 people to dinner who would they be? 

Stalin, Lenin, 2pac, Mike Tyson, Adriana Lima.

Connect with Will McGreal

03 8637 7304

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Will McGreal

Connect with Will McGreal

03 8637 7304

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