Life As An Xpander

Life As An Xpander

Life As An Xpander

So you want to work for Xpand? We can understand why!

We are a collection of like-minded souls on a mission to change the experience within the Digital, Technology, Media, Sales & Marketing industries.

We set out to do this by putting candidates at the front of our priority list via our ‘Candidate First’ model. So rather than being a reaction to a client's requirements, candidates for us are the catalyst for everything we do.

Like the best mixologists we combine one part exceptional candidate, one part awesome employer and a dash of recruitment consultation, stir gently and serve! There’s more to it than this but this is essentially what we do, find great people, connect them with the best companies, sprinkle some recruitment fairy dust and watch the magic happen!

Many agencies say similar things, the job description is, after all, pretty similar across the industry. The key difference with Xpand is that we have a track record, clients, and awards to back it up.

We partner with some of the coolest brands on the planet, and when we say partner, we mean that these clients are fully engaged partners and not just someone we’ve made an opportunistic placement with. We innovate, we have a range of bespoke recruitment solutions and products that are challenging the way our partners recruit top talent! Xpand are amongst the most awarded agencies in the industry. Some of our highlights;

Winner: Excellence in Candidate Care (RCSA Awards)
Winner: Best Specialist Recruitment Business (Global Recruiter APAC)

Winner: Best Candidate Experience - Gold (Asia Recruitment Awards Hong Kong)
Winner: Best Recruitment Agency - Gold (Asia Recruitment Awards Singapore)
Winner: Excellence in Candidate Engagement (SEEK SARA)

We look a little different from most agencies (step into our offices and you'll quickly see why) but our work environment is only part of the story. If we were to boil it down to one thing, it would be culture. We hire real, down to earth people who are passionate about what they do. We treat them like the responsible adults they are and give them the freedom to manage themselves. Best of all, we don't act like stereotypical recruiters!

As an Xpander, you are given the freedom to work in an independent and mature environment. We don’t count phone calls and you won’t have anyone breathing down your neck on a daily basis. Working a 360 recruitment cycle, you should be keen to attend events, network, directly headhunt, and totally immerse yourself in your world within digital or technology. We’re always on the lookout for experienced Consultants, so please contact us here if you’d like to have a chat.

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