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Work for Xpand

Work for Xpand

So you want to work for Xpand? We can understand why!

We take being an employer seriously.

We are a firm that is aiming high but very grounded in our approach. We have validated and locked in our target markets, we know who we are, where we’re going, where we add value and most importantly what we won’t do. We are comfortable in saying no.

We understand we have the responsibility to grow top line sales and profit contribution, yet we firmly believe that the working environment is a hugely important element of attracting the best.

Work can be intense, but that does not mean it can’t be fun.

Everyone will always be challenged to achieve their best – and sitting amongst some of the best in the industry - there will be no lack of motivation. Alongside this, your workplace will be one that you want to come to; you can have a good laugh with your colleagues and enjoy a beer with them at the end of a hard week.

It’s the reason we love what we do and it’s the reason we are on our way to  achieving our goal of being the most respected and admired  Digital, Technology, Media and Sales & Marketing Recruitment team.

Where we’re going...

We’ve no desire to be a Recruitment giant - we simply want to be regarded as the best in the chosen markets we work in. This means we’re not looking for global domination, we don’t want to dilute our culture but we’re looking for strong sustainable & profitable organic growth geographically and where it makes sense for our existing Clients, Candidates and Colleagues. We’re interested in building a more holistic approach to Recruitment & HR services longer term, including investing in our successful existing RPO solution and bringing new ways of doing things to market. We like to think out of the box, in fact, we don’t have one anymore!

Clients we partner with

Our business model allows us to align closely with a core group of Customers who are top employers or leaders in their respective field. What we are saying is... we only  partner with the best, which usually means the type of company that Candidates really want to work for. We work across Digital, Technology, Media and Sales & Marketing (which essentially means IT&T, traditional Media and Digital Media) from Executive level down. This includes Sales, Marketing, Technical and Creative.

Different and authentic

We look a little different from most agencies (step into our offices and you’ll quickly see why) but our work environment is only part of the story. If we were to boil it down to one thing, it would be culture. We hire real, down to earth people who are passionate about what they do. We treat them like the responsible adults they are and give them the freedom to manage themselves.

We have a smart casual dress code, and on Client visits we often hear "impressed - you're not in a recruiter uniform" (suits, pink shirts, big tie knots and the obligatory black compendium). Times change and so do we . We see that we work within - not external to - our market, so it makes sense to dress like our Clients. We can be great at what we do even if we do wear jeans! 

Check us out on social media for a deeper insight into life as an Xpander.

What we’re looking for?

We’re primarily after two things, the right attitude and the right cultural fit.

If you’re a team player, passionate, professional and find it easy to develop very strong, long-term relationships with your Customers, then we’d like to talk to you. We do value existing Technology or Digital Recruitment experience as well as strong Sales skills (so if you like Business Development, that’s usually a plus).

What's available at Xpand?

We’re always open to talking to experienced Consultants. We operate a Candidate first vertical market focus and as such have dual desks in both Contract and Permanent and usually have open requirements for xceptional humans.

If you have experience across digital, technology, media, communications including PR, we would be keen to have a coffee and explore if there is a fit. 


Xpand has an xceptional working environment including:

  • Casual dress code (we love the fact we get to wear jeans to work!)
  • Great offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore & Hong Kong...
  • Web based, work from anywhere systems (including via an iPhone app)
  • Ability to work from home
  • Awesome team environment
  • Research and Candidate Management support
  • Great salary, incentives & commissions

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