X:ED Singapore October 2014

X:ED Singapore October 2014

X:ED Singapore October 2014

The rise of the "Chief Marketing Technologist"

X:ED Singapore, October 2014

As marketing becomes more data-driven, technology enabled CMOs want to better understand how customers are interacting with their products, people and the overall brand experience. A marketer needs to recognize technology resources are increasingly a part of their daily interactions, a technologist needs to understand how a product must be marketed efficiently in order to generate increased revenue and execute larger IT plans! They need to recognise the issues each other face be it strain on hiring, budgets and funding, lack of talent AND gain a deep understanding of what each does. It’s an interesting and developing ecosystem, and one that is rapidly becoming more of a day-to-day issue and will be addressed by our panel.

Who is overly accountable for the marketing budget and expenditure? What has IT done to educate marketing on the need for integrated data and technology platforms? Do they even know what they might be buying? How do they collaborate and work together?

We were thrilled to welcome;

Frederique Covington Corbett - International Marketing Director @ Twitter as our mediator

Damien Cummings – Chief Marketing Officer @ Philips

Zaheer Nooruddin - Vice President of Digital, APAC @ Waggener Edstrom

Adam Neat – Partner @ PWC

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