X:ED Sydney & Melbourne August 2015

X:ED Sydney & Melbourne August 2015

AAN & Xpand Meet-Ups: What is DevOps?

The next meet-up for the Australasian Architecture next work and Xpand was centred on the hugely topical realm of DevOps. The event hosted by Xpand’s Client Services Director for Technology; Andrew Blades, kicked off on Thursday the 13th of August in our Xpand’s Millers Point HQ and the Melbourne episode held the following Thursday the 20th of August.

DevOps is quite a divisive topic on which everyone seems to have a differing perspective. It is for this reason that AAN & Xpand chose this as a focus of conversation, and also for its enormous relevance and the obvious need for better understanding and clarification of what DevOps really means.

Generally speaking DevOps is regarded as an emerging trend which sees the convergence of development engineers and operations teams working together throughout the entire lifecycle of a service; via the application of a trimmed down and more agile approach to IT Operations. Our aim for the evening was to achieve even further elucidation via a Q & A with our industry expert panellists who delved deeply into these ideas and answered all of our questions, allowing us to achieve a uniformed consensus on what DevOps really is.

Our incredible panel included the likes of;


  • DevOps Sydney panellists will be Yann Krätzschmann, Cloud Solutions Practice Lead at Bulletproof

  • Andrew Khoury, who is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Odecee


  • Our first panellist we have been fortunate enough to have on the panel for the second time- Shiva Narayanaswamy who is an AWS  Solution Architect

  • Phil Jay, Senior DevOps Lead at Odecee

  • Peter Gatt, Managing Director of Vibrato

  • Andrew Hatch, Head of DevOps at Seek

For the full blog article on the wrap up the event, click here

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