5 Minutes With... Carolyn Vo

5th Jul 2018 by Clarisa Ele

5 Minutes With... Peder Wikstrom

28th Jun 2018 by Shefali Sharma

5 Minutes With... Jacob Teo

6th Jun 2018 by Diane Dizon

Why do less women apply for leadership roles in Technology?

16th Mar 2018 by Lorena Montes

Refer a friend & get a drone!

2nd Feb 2018 by Joanna Cockle

UX Careers: Should you specialise to succeed?

17th Jan 2018 by Joanna Corner

How to be efficient in your job search

16th Aug 2017 by Laetitia Kunz

5 Minutes With Chris Ingham

15th Jun 2017 by 'Cilla Arnold

Xpand turns 10 in Singapore!

30th May 2017 by 'Cilla Arnold

We are looking for Fresh Graduates with 30 years experience

24th May 2017 by Lorena Montes

How To Build An Amazing (Dev) Team

10th May 2017 by Clarisa Ele

Supporting A Team

4th May 2017 by Eva Ho

Hong Kong's Best New Recruitment Agency

24th Apr 2017 by 'Cilla Arnold

Xpand wins big at the Singapore Asia Recruitment Awards 2017!

11th Apr 2017 by Joanna Cockle

The Agile Age

7th Apr 2017 by Joanna Cockle

Is Hong Kong Falling Behind?

5th Apr 2017 by Chris Ingham

How To Xpandify Your Interview

29th Mar 2017 by Christine Jones

Welcome to the Agile Age!

16th Mar 2017

3 keys to know if you are successful in your job

15th Mar 2017

What is the most unique thing about being an Xpander?

7th Mar 2017 by 'Cilla Arnold

How To Build An Amazing Team

4th Mar 2017 by Joanna Cockle

General Assembly & Xpand Career Lab Singapore

8th Feb 2017 by Joanna Cockle

What's Next For You In 2017?

29th Dec 2016 by Clarisa Ele

We Are Hiring In Melbourne!

13th Dec 2016

JobAdvisor - Top 10 Coolest Companies for Diversity

8th Dec 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Candidate Experience First Impressions Count!

6th Dec 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

The Legend Lives On...

28th Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Xpand Your Career and Love What You Do!

23rd Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

SEEK SARA - Excellence in Candidate Engagement

17th Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

5 Minutes With Patrick Kosiol

16th Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

To Sponsor Or Not To Sponsor?

10th Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

My First X:ED Event

8th Nov 2016 by Shefali Sharma

Why You Should Take A Holiday

4th Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Quinny's Movember Appeal

2nd Nov 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Xpand FY17 Kickoff

18th Oct 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

My Experience At Xpand So Far...

7th Oct 2016 by Eva Ho

The Power Of Business Togetherness

4th Oct 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Hiring Staff > Retaining Staff: What Is More Important?

1st Oct 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Xpand & Euromoney Seminars Hong Kong

30th Sep 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Why Do I Love My Job?

21st Sep 2016 by Laetitia Kunz

My First UX Australia

7th Sep 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

5 Minutes With Ross Milward - Quantifeed

1st Sep 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Why I Love Recruitment But Hate Sales

31st Aug 2016 by Lorena Montes

Job-Hopping: Good or Bad?

27th Aug 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold


24th Aug 2016 by Shefali Sharma

5 incredible books that will turbocharge your imagination

20th Aug 2016

BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016

17th Aug 2016

MWC Shanghai 2016

27th Jul 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Pokemon Go - Is this the tip of the iceberg?

22nd Jul 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

AI and the Future of Recruitment

14th Jul 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

#dansnotdoneyet - Hong Kong Quiz Night

24th Jun 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Should We Take Time Off Inbetween Jobs?

23rd Jun 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

The Dan Sheppard Cup - #dansnotdoneyet

15th Jun 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

The Dan Sheppard Cup

3rd Jun 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

Dan's Not Done Yet!

30th May 2016 by 'Cilla Arnold

#DMM360 - May 2016

27th May 2016

The Evolution of UX, a view from Down Under with Jay Whittaker

12th May 2016

X:ED & AAN: FinTech – Payments Transformation Melbourne

5th May 2016

Winners at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2016

15th Apr 2016 by Joanna Cockle

Launching X:EC in Melbourne

6th Apr 2016

X:ED & AAN: FinTech – The New Australian Revolution?

4th Apr 2016

The Inaugural X:ED in Hong Kong

2nd Apr 2016

Big Data Wrap-Up: X:ED KL in partnership with Women Who Code

29th Mar 2016

We Have Ways of Making You Talk

16th Mar 2016

AAN & X:ED - Cloud and IoT Security

8th Mar 2016

Who Needs Recruiters Anyway?

2nd Mar 2016

X:ED Hong Kong - The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

1st Mar 2016

Cool Jobs In Big Data - Kuala Lumpur

27th Feb 2016

Networking In The New Millennium

25th Feb 2016

5 Minutes With Ollie Wood

24th Feb 2016 by Joanna Cockle

5 Minutes With Harmit Singh

19th Feb 2016

The Power Of Positivity

17th Feb 2016

Hong Kong Turns 1!

13th Feb 2016

Refer a friend in Hong Kong and get an Apple Watch!

12th Feb 2016

AAN & X:ED Present - IoT Security Melbourne

10th Feb 2016

I Have Never Met A Cookie I Didn't Love

10th Feb 2016 by Georgina Parker

AAN & X:ED Present - Cloud and IoT Security Sydney

3rd Feb 2016

Is My Hairdresser A Startup?

3rd Feb 2016

Recruitment & Retention

28th Jan 2016

How To Befriend Stress

22nd Jan 2016 by Eva Phang

5 Minutes With Dan Sheppard

20th Jan 2016

One Year With Xpand

15th Jan 2016

Thankful To Be An Xpander

13th Jan 2016

Refer A Friend In Kuala Lumpur!

12th Jan 2016

5 Minutes With Ramesh Narayanaswamy

6th Jan 2016 by Clarisa Ele

What Some Xpanders Have To Say About 2015

29th Dec 2015

2015 - What A Year!

23rd Dec 2015 by Joanna Cockle

5 Minutes With Ali Gursoy

19th Dec 2015 by Chris Ingham

The Missing Link: Women In Security

16th Dec 2015

5 Minutes With Stewart Salazar

15th Dec 2015

Joining Xpand

10th Dec 2015

5 Minutes With Euan Semple

8th Dec 2015

Hong Kong — Startup Weekend #9 Part 1

5th Dec 2015

5 Minutes With Simon Talvard

3rd Dec 2015

What I Learnt At TradeTech Asia 2015

3rd Dec 2015

The Final Mo

2nd Dec 2015 by Joanna Cockle

Xpand's World Cup Tipping Competition

23rd Nov 2015

Halfway Through Movember...

19th Nov 2015

Attracting, Retaining and Getting the Best from your Architects- the Wrap Up!

6th Nov 2015

Xpand Does Movember 2015

5th Nov 2015

Xpand's World Cup Tipping Competition Week 1 & 2 Winners from Asia!

30th Oct 2015

AAN & X:ED Present; Attracting, Retaining and Getting the Best from Your Architects feat. Tom Graves, Sydney

19th Oct 2015

5 Minutes with Craig Martin

15th Oct 2015

AAN & X:ED Present: Attracting, Retaining and Getting the Best from Your Architects feat. Tom Graves in Melbourne

14th Oct 2015

AUS Week 1 & 2 World Cup Tipping Competition Winners Announced!

7th Oct 2015

Best Specialist Recruitment Business 2015

6th Oct 2015

Xpand at Echelon Malaysia 2015

28th Sep 2015

Xpand and General Assembly… for the long run!

15th Sep 2015

Product Hunt: Hong Kong Meetup

8th Sep 2015

X:ED And AAN: The DevOps Q & A Wrap Up!

27th Aug 2015

AAN & Xpand: Melbourne DevOps Q & A

17th Aug 2015

The Xpand Kickoff FY16!

13th Aug 2015

AAN & Xpand Meet-Ups: DevOps

10th Aug 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Melbourne

22nd Jul 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Sydney

14th Jul 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Singapore

9th Jul 2015

Xpand at Recruitment Interactive 2015

8th Jul 2015

10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Hong Kong

2nd Jul 2015

AAN & Xpand Meet-Ups: Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)- the Melbourne Edition

16th Jun 2015

Asia Recruitment Awards 2015 - Best Candidate Experience

15th Jun 2015

AAN & Xpand Meet-Ups: Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)

9th Jun 2015

Xpand Hong Kong & General Assembly - 3rd June

28th May 2015

RCSA Excellence In Candidate Care Award - Winners!

27th May 2015

5 Minutes With Jon Deragon

25th May 2015

Pandora | Xpand

19th May 2015

Xpand Hong Kong & General Assembly - 22nd May

8th May 2015

Predicting The Future Of Cloud- Q&A Panel Wrap

8th May 2015

The Game that Everybody Wins

5th May 2015

AAN & Xpand - Melbourne Panelists

27th Apr 2015

VIDEO - Working At Xpand

21st Apr 2015

AAN & Xpand - Sydney Panelists

21st Apr 2015

Refer A Friend In Hong Kong

20th Apr 2015

Brace Yourself... Interviews Are Coming

14th Apr 2015

Australasian Architecture Network & Xpand Meetups

9th Apr 2015

SYDMMM - The Inaugural Event

6th Apr 2015

Women Who Code - Hong Kong

27th Mar 2015

Big Data, Data Science and Analytics in Australia

20th Mar 2015

A Positive Applicant Experience = Brilliant Marketing

12th Mar 2015

Search Agency Land - The Ever Emerging Beast

7th Mar 2015

Eyeing That Promotion

25th Feb 2015

Here We Are... Xpanding in Hong Kong!

17th Feb 2015

Young People and Jobs

13th Feb 2015

The 3 Steps To NAIL That Big First Interview...

11th Feb 2015

5 Minutes With Joachim Holte

6th Feb 2015 by Joanna Cockle

It's been a good year in programmatic, but disparity still dominates

5th Feb 2015

Gaming In Singapore - What Has Passed And What Has Yet To Come?

27th Jan 2015

The Key To Success Is All Upstairs

19th Jan 2015

5 Minutes With William Confalonieri

13th Jan 2015

2014 - A Year In Review

13th Jan 2015

Xpand 2014... What A Year!

24th Dec 2014

Xpand's Toy Drive for The Pyjama Foundation

24th Dec 2014

5 Minutes with Lois van Waardenberg

11th Dec 2014

The Look and Feel of Success

8th Dec 2014

5 Minutes with Morten Blomfeldt

28th Nov 2014

The Pyjama Foundation Christmas Toy Drive

28th Nov 2014

Xpand's inaugural Mobile and Online Payments Meet Up

27th Nov 2014

You're invited to Xpand's Mobile and Online Payments Meet up!

8th Nov 2014

X:ED October - The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

28th Oct 2014

5 Minutes With Bard Papegaaij

20th Oct 2014

And Then I Attended Spikes...

8th Oct 2014

Omni-Channel FTW!

25th Sep 2014

5 Minutes with Tim Blake

22nd Sep 2014

Xpand's Annual Kickoff

17th Sep 2014

5 Minutes With Lars Voedisch

16th Sep 2014

The whole Xpand team were so moved by this charitable cause that we couldn't help but get involved- so that fact that we get to ride rollercoasters in our PJ's is just an added bonus!

12th Sep 2014

Gaming + Singapore = Winning!

10th Sep 2014

Xpand Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

4th Sep 2014

Xpand Logo Competition - THE WINNER

1st Sep 2014

Make Your Own Luck

26th Aug 2014

Didn't Make It To B&T's MAD Week Customer Conference? Then Watch Xpand's First Venture Into Film Making And Find Out What You Missed!

21st Aug 2014

5 Minutes With Wish Ronquillo

19th Aug 2014

5 Minutes with Tom Graves

13th Aug 2014

Time Lapse of Melbourne's Wall Art

6th Aug 2014 by Joanna Cockle

5 Minutes With Giles Henderson

5th Aug 2014

8 Steps To A Great Interview

31st Jul 2014

How to network like a pro at conferences

24th Jul 2014

5 Minutes With Rico Wyder

22nd Jul 2014

What Did We Learn At ad:tech asean 2014?

18th Jul 2014

5 Minutes With Mike Adams

9th Jul 2014

The Xpand Xperience

2nd Jul 2014

5 Minutes With Hemant Chauhan

25th Jun 2014

"My 'EA Masterclass' is coming to Australia"- by Tom Graves- reposted for Xpand Xpress by Andrew Blades

25th Jun 2014

Fear - Who Cares?

18th Jun 2014

5 Minutes With Jon Yongfook Cockle

10th Jun 2014

Announcing: Enterprise Architecture Masterclass Series

5th Jun 2014

Community Management in Recruitment

4th Jun 2014

Xpand Logo Competition: UPDATE

30th May 2014

5 Minutes With Zaheer Nooruddin

27th May 2014

When Is The Best Time To Look For A Job?

20th May 2014

How Important Is Networking?

15th May 2014

How To Work With a Headhunter

7th May 2014

Xpand Logo Competition

6th May 2014

The Sound of Silence

29th Apr 2014

Sydney's Xpand Team Finds a New Home

23rd Apr 2014

Let's Talk Digital PR

16th Apr 2014

Ruby & Cucumber- So Hot Right Now

9th Apr 2014

In Sales? It's Time to Think Small

29th Mar 2014

Planning to Hire Development Talent in 2014? Xpand's Do's and Don'ts Should Point you in the Right Direction!

12th Feb 2014

Sales People: Are You Giving Your Customers A Great Experience?

31st Dec 2013

Melbourne Contractor End of Year Celebrations

21st Dec 2013