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Social Media vs Time - Is Social Media a Horrible Distraction?

30th Jun 2011


“Is it just me or is Social Media like TV used to be – A black hole for time?!”

Is it just me or is Social Media like TV used to be when I was in my teens (I don’t really watch it these days!) – A black hole for time?!

This is rhetorical because I will tell you, it isn’t just me. I have asked around countless friends and colleagues and everyone seems to know it, but not have the realisation until it’s vocalised and even then want to ignore it, like saying something against Social Media is a sin…

Now, before I do get lynched for the title by all the digital / mobile / social media purists out there I would like to point out I specialise in Talent in this space, I LURRVE technology and all the new platforms we get to interact on / with and I am so far from a “not in my life ANTI digitalist” it’s not funny….however, what concerns me is simply that is it too addictive for people to trust themselves around it…just like TV used to be.