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Avoid the Hire of a Disgruntled Worker

28th Mar 2012


SO! I have been asked to write my first Blog for Xpand, in fact my first blog ever. I’m not a blogger, I figure that I talk enough to everyone and anyone who will listen (at least I think they are listening!) as is! However, I have been given the opportunity to increase my audience so why not? I thought I’d give it a go.

I was reading with interest an article is yesterdays SMH by FairWork Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson ( about the effects a disgruntled worker can have on a company, particularly for the HR team. Mr Wilson identified that lax management practices when an employee starts their new job can be the instigator to these issues and provided some excellent advice for employers engaging new staff.

I wanted to take this further and look at how my whole team (as recruiters) could also assist in preventing issues occurring further down the line. Having worked in recruitment for 11 years I have heard many of my clients talk about poor experiences they’ve had with other recruiters in securing the right talent for their organisation. Personally, I believe a lot of these issues could have been prevented very early on.

The best placements I have made throughout my career have been those where the relationship with my client has been exclusive, transparent and committed. In order to ensure I am able to provide the candidates with all of the information they require (to make sure it really is what’s right for them,) I need to have very open and clear channels of communication with my clients.

Working exclusively with a recruiter in a specialist field ensures you are going to have access to the best talent available. Remember specialist recruitment consultants are speaking to the talent in their niche market 5 days a week 52 weeks a year! Which means you will be receiving the highest possible quality of service.

There are a lot of benefits in working with one recruiter. You can invest a lot more time in providing them with all of the necessary information including job specifications, time scales, salary details etc. to ensure the candidate is fully aware of all expectations. This approach prevents any unfortunate ‘surprises’ further down the recruitment-process-track.

I truly believe that both as clients and recruiters, we need to forge much stronger working relationships to be able to make the best decisions and secure the strongest talent available for every recruitment process. This, in turn will eliminate HR having to deal with the dangers of a disgruntled worker.