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Top Tips For Job Seekers

20th Mar 2012


Looking for a new position can be a full time job on its own so you need to help yourself get the most out of the process and experience. The job market is full of other great talent looking for work, busy hiring managers who are struggling for time to recruit, recruiters with a million candidates to get back to (not to mention the stacks of jobs to deliver against!) As well as jobs being pulled because of headcount freezes….. It’s tough out there!

So, with all of that in mind I’ve highlighted a few tips that will help you overcome some of these obstacles and finally make that dream career move.

1. Pick up the phone and sell yourself! Don’t rely on just sending your CV, it may get lost amongst the 10s or (in some cases) 100s of other applicants. As a recruiter, managing to personally review and get back to every applicant is one of my biggest challenges.

What really helps is when a candidate follows up their application with a phone call. It’s great because it gives me the chance to get to know the personality behind that CV. Try to remember that “Culture Fit” is a HUGE factor in finding the right person to join a company.

Pick up the phone, be front of mind, and demonstrate that you have the personality as well as the skill set to do the job!

2. Prepare for your interview. This “tip” sounds obvious but you would not believe the amount of candidates that don’t prepare properly for interviews.

Set yourself apart from the competition by looking at the company website, reviewing relevant news articles and preparing some questions for the interviewer. It’s important to review your own CV so that you can give really specific examples of why your background is relevant. Oh, and PLEASE, please, please work out how to actually get to the interview ON TIME!

3. Listen to your recruiter. The benefit you have as a job seeker working through a recruitment agency is that your recruiter will know how to navigate the company’s hiring process. They have been through it all before and will know specifically what you need to do to successfully secure the position. Listen to their tips; it could make all the difference!

Best of luck with finding your dream job!