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Winning the War for Talent

30th Mar 2012


“Whilst ‘The War for Talent’ is not a new concept, it remains relevant and front of mind, especially in the competitive and talent short world of digital media and marketing.”

As a business that remains firmly in the slipstream of continued activity in the digital recruitment and talent management space we at Xpand wanted to offer a perspective on the ongoing discussion around ‘The War for Talent’. Whilst this is not a new concept it remains very relevant and front of mind, especially in the competitive and talent short world of digital media and marketing. In order to maintain not just critical relevancy but an increased high touch level of service to both clients and candidates the Xpand Group has recently launched our ‘Candidate First’ model as a conscious effort to build a solution so we can…

  • Have a deeper level of relationship within a specific niche candidate market, which means we are able to access talent that most can’t.
  • Have ‘job ready’ talent communities.
  • Can provide market insight and knowledge within specialist candidate markets.
  • Can validate insights into the candidate.
  • Can provide lateral thinking & advice to broaden the talent pool

It was the good folk at McKinsey & Company that initially penned the term ‘War For Talent’ in 1997 to capture what people had been experiencing for years, that competition for good people was intensifying and that without being on a war footing or proactive about your talent management strategies then this would have a direct impact on your business or as McKinsey put it:”In today’s knowledge economy, the calibre of a company’s talent determines your success in your chosen marketplace”. They predicted this would persist for at least the next 2 decades and those businesses without a clear and long term talent strategy would undeniably be negatively impacted.

So what can you do or improve upon if we still have at least another 5 years on this predicted personnel battlefield? There are a plethora of businesses changes we can all make but in summary you should consider these 5 major imperatives – build a winning Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that attracts and keeps good talent with you; grow great leaders from within your business as part of the culture; differentiate and invest in your staff accordingly; recruit great talent continuously and instil a talent mindset across all stratas of your business from the top down.

Whilst these ideas might seem simple, as a recruitment business that consults and partners with a wide range of employers we see that these practices are very rarely put into practice consistently. At the core of these strategies are candidates first and foremost and we have chosen to build a clear strategy around this as part of our solution to our clients. In essence it is a clear focus and recognition that the balance of power has shifted and fundamental to any organisations future success is how you shift your organisation’s thinking and make these changes…given the potential upside it is certainly a battle worth winning!