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Xpand Xpresso - The First Sip

11th Sep 2012


Xpand Xpresso is a thought leadership breakfast seminar focusing on current trends in Xpand’s industries of specialisation – Technology, Media and Communications. Covering a predetermined topic, each Xpand Xpresso allows thought leaders of the industry to come together and offer their insights on current analysis and future trends and impact. All content and presentations held during the event will provide insight into the different industries – encouraging an environment of harmonious collaboration.

The venues for Xpand Xpresso are chosen specifically for coffee/espresso lovers in a space that is a true reflection of Xpand – a specialist recruitment and executive search agency with energetic and dynamic consultants. It will be a morning of great coffee warming the palette for great ideas. We warmly welcome non coffee lovers too!

First held in the Sydney office, Xpand Singapore will have it’s inaugural session on the first week of October. In The First Sip, we Embrace A Culture Of Innovation and explore why innovation is necessary, what an organization can do to incorporate innovation as part of their culture, and how innovative ideas can be fostered by anyone within the company.

Topic Embracing a Culture of Innovation

Date 4th October 2012

Time 7.30 am – 8 am (Presentation begins promptly at 8 am.)

Venue The Shots Cafe

We are pleased to have Joel Cere, Global Director for Insights & Innovation Solutions at eYeka to share his thoughts for organisations across the Technology, Media & Communications sectors.

For more information, click on the pdf below.