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Life As An Xpander

11th Oct 2012


Although I have written blogs before, I have never written one about my working life! So when I was initially asked to write something for the Xpand blog, I started frantically racking every corner of my brain for an interesting topic. As the newest member of the Xpand Singapore team, I’d like to share my thoughts on life as an Xpander… so here we go!

Coming from a design and sales background, I had been thinking for some time about how I didn’t have that passion for what I was doing. I love design, I really enjoy meeting new people, viewing new work and I thrived on building relationships with people in my professional life. I’m always reading and keeping up to date with the latest industry news and I found myself thinking, there must be a way I could combine all of this?

I had a few friends who worked in recruitment and they suggested I should gather all of my skills and interests, and try something different. I thought about it, and it sounded like the perfect step for me. I know the industry, I’m excited about the potential, and I really enjoy meeting talented people.

My first meeting with Xpand was like a breath of fresh air. Our office is much more aligned to our client base and feels more like a digital agency than a typical corporate recruitment firm. We operate a ROWE (results only working environment) strategy at the office which means you are evaluated on performance, not presence in the office. It’s a mature working environment in which you are essentially responsible for your own successes. Being mobile and able to read emails and work wherever I am, ensures I can efficiently manage my clients and candidates.

Being new to recruitment, everyone has been extremely welcoming and warming to me. I was lucky enough that during my first week Allen, our Managing Director based in Sydney was in our office! I’m still learning everyday while I establish myself, but I genuinely feel part of a great team. I can now happily say that I truly love what I do and I’m really looking forward to celebrating my first successful year at Xpand with the team!