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Why Do You Do What You Do?

5th Dec 2012


I wrote a blog entry 6 months ago in July, about making the most of life, making the most of everyday. Now as we enter December I’d like to share some thoughts from a training session just yesterday conducted by one of our colleagues Julie.

At Xpand we constantly seek to upgrade ourselves, continuously sharing pointers and industry news with one another. Regular training sessions is part of our culture here and it’s always good to take a little time out of the busy day to review what we do, and how we can make things better.

Common topics include best practices in coaching candidates, counseling clients, understanding business trends, generally sharpening our minds and methodologies. Yesterday’s session was more introspective than usual, apt for the time of year. We chatted about our own individual history, how we got into the business and what we can learn from it all that can help make good recruiters.

The one common thread that rose when sharing how we ended up in recruitment is that we all seemed to somehow “fall into recruitment.” Perhaps recruitment has a mystic ability to warp our career and walking paths or a maybe recruitment has a magnetic pull yet undiscovered by geophysicists. After all, it’s unheard of young kids to proclaim “I want to be a recruiter when I grow up!” Everyone know of kids who want to be medical doctors, financiers, politicians, teachers – apparently comedian Adam Sandler’s young son once insisted that he wanted to be a firetruck (not a fireman but the red vehicle!)

Fact is recruitment is a choice. Going round the room, we shared our thoughts and we understood how another colleague felt. We all saw something in this line of work that we wanted to do, we all saw something we felt we can contribute. A career, like some things in life, is a choice. It is about taking ownership – of our clients and talents and helping them to our best extent. It’s about making a call when we feel strongly about it – I’d like to think more things in life should be a choice like this too!

The training session was quite a blast, as you might imagine. We wrapped up the session on a good note – maybe it’s the holidays. More likely, re-affirming why we do what we do felt great. So now we’re in the last month of the year I’m tossing the simple question out there – why do you do what you do?