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I'm Watching What I Want, When I Want, How I Want, and Where I Want!

28th Feb 2013


When it comes to video on demand it’s no secret Australia is playing catch-up.

The good news is forward thinking companies with a stash of cash in the bank and innovative bunch of staff are having a damn good go at creating the very best on demand platforms.

Who’s, who? You have the major US players; Hulu, Netflix and Amazon / Lovefilm.
Supermarkets:- Tesco in the UK with Blinkox, Walmart in the US with VUDU. National providers:- BigPond, Foxtel, FetchTV, Quickflix and Hoyts are hitting up Movies on Demand.

Local video on demand is largely confined to FTA TV networks’ catch-up services (ABC iView, SBS On Demand, Channel Seven PLUS7, Channel Nine Ninemsn Video, Channel TEN catch-up).

Manufacturers Intel and Samsung are also rumoured to be having a go at their own VOD services…

Rumours are rife about who’s coming and more importantly who’s going to win the Australia market. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have HUGE video libraries including TV series / shows which are added almost instantly post broadcast. So the question is – who are you putting your money on?

So how do we watch? Smart TV, Tablet, PC/Mac, Mobile, Set top box, Games consoles… decisions, decisions, decisions!

Smart TV’s sales are rising so you would think they would be the big winners. Wrong. The vast majority of connected of internet connected/smart TVs are frankly never connected. Is this because the user interfaces are just too complicated to set up or use?

Afterall, when you sit in front of the TV it’s a time to relax, not try and fathom how you watch your favourite show.

Tablet & Mobile – all smart devices have apps available therefore TV is becoming more and more portable. Whether it’s catching up on the latest series you missed on the train home, kids watching programs on a tablet in the back of a car or catching the final episode of your favourite show in bed from your downloaded set top box…Sound familiar? Is this the way we will all view TV in ten years time? Will TV’s just fade away?

Games Consoles – Xbox, PS3, Wii U and most recently PS4…Will the latest Sony device shake things up? Is the user interface slicker than Xbox360?

Then comes your Social TV companion:- Zeebox for example. It took the UK by storm, then headed for Australian shores.
Partnered with Ten. Using your mobile or tablet, you can look up and comment on shows with your friends.

Fango – allows you to chat to fellow fans through Facebook and Twitter and vote on polls in real time, again using a mobile or tablet. I expect there will be many more apps that link to television shows, both scheduled and on demand and many crazy ideas. Realistically how many social interaction sites can you keep up with while also paying attention to what you’re watching?

MultiScreen – An evening at home for me will generally involve the TV showing Masterchef (with a hope of inspiring me to cook a fancy seafood dish), while the iPad will be used for catching up on Gossip Girl in the breaks and finally my precious iPhone will be used for Facebooking, Tweeting and Zeeboxing. Guilty as charged for being a multiscreen geek!

Where do I fit in all of this? I have been brought over to Xpand from the UK where I solely focussed on this space – I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the coolest companies and individuals at Amazon/Lovefilm, Blinkbox and Red Bee Media (iPlayer, Channel4 and 5).

There are hundreds of recruiters out there…so what sets me apart?

I genuinely know my market, I network all day, everyday and have a real passion for what I do – I don’t come in a slick suit or carry a fancy leather folder, but I do have a great big personality and pride myself on my reputation.

With all of the above going on, the Broadcast / Digital / Media space is going through a super exciting time! There are a lot of movers and shakers, people putting out their feelers, seeing what else is out there…

Are you curious about what is out there? Or are you in the middle of an exciting program where you hope to make a big impact on the VOD space? I am intrigued to know either way! Drop me a line, let’s chat over a coffee!