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10 things you probably didn't know about Sydney's Xpand team

3rd Sep 2013


1. We like to play dress ups – We Sydney Xpanders like to mix things up a bit. Unsatisfied with going about our daily work duties wearing the smart/ casual- sometimes corporate attire usually required of us, the need comes  to unburden ourselves of society’s expectations and throw on some crazy get up. Last time we saw the unorthodox fashion show that was “Crazy Hat Day”, this month- “Super Hero Friday”. I for one am excited (or to be honest)  terrified to see the results, particularly because Spandex tends to be an unforgiving fabric at the best of times… Stay tuned for further  incriminating pictures!

“Crazy Hat Day!” at Xpand.

2. We work with actors! Check out our very on Stewart Salazar moonlighting as a thespian and just so happened to land himself a small role in the Great Gatsby! Wow, we feel like proud parents around here!... Steve is another (former) actor in our midst, who spent a year at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London. He tells us he was more of a stage hand, DJ and extra, who played small roles when necessary, however we believe what we want, especially considering that others amongst us would likely be chased away with a cattle prod if we even tried to get close to a stage.


Resident Actor Stewart Salazar( left)

3. We are culturally diverse and speak different languages-  Come to the Sydney office and you will stumble across a sunny California girl, as to be expected English peeps (we are in recruitment after all) , a South African, (who provides us with life changing quotes on a weekly basis) and a few Australians with differing cultural backgrounds, such as the afore mentioned actor; Stewart Salazar, who spent his high school years living in Columbia with his Columbian parents. We also boast a multilingual Italian named Giuseppe, who loves to sing and live each day as if he is in an episode of Glee. Impressively, Giuseppe speaks fluent French, Dutch, Italian, quite good German and is often heard exchanging Spanish with the Fluent Spanish speaking Juliet, who is English, but spent enough time in Argentina to develop chat to rival any Senorita!

4. We are great at animal impressions and charades-   At the end of long week Xpanders like to take a load off and indulge in a Friday afternoon drink or two. During this time we’ve seen some arresting talents and party tricks on display. Particularly noteworthy are the top notch animal impersonations that we are privileged to experience via the creative mind that is Jordan Pearce. Jordan’s chicken and horse impressions have all made their presence felt, however it is the baboon that is easily the crown jewel in Jordan’s repertoire.  No less remarkable however, are the artistic abilities of one Giovanni Ribudiyanto, who can charade the pants of off anyone and is one hell of a Karaoke singer to boot! With talent like this, it’s a wonder they don’t have their own reality shows.

Giovanni Ribudiyanto displaying his epic karaoke abilities 

5. We are on a health kick- Lunch times at Xpand are particularly quiet of late, so quiet in fact that I’m sure I’ve seen tumble weed rolling through the office. Slacking off you say? Having long boozy lunches at the pub? Actually this is far from the case. Instead you will find the men and women of Xpand sweating it out at the gym, earning those Super Hero 6- packs and tight gluts. I have seen many an Xpander turn down pastries and sweets during this time and have even been witness to some courageous attempts at doing a dry August. We also have our very own resident Iron Woman; Juliet Baker, who is preparing to kick some ass in a competition in October this year.

6. We work hard and play hard-. Any night of the week usually appears to be the right night to let our hair down and celebrate all our hard work and success.  But do you think that will stop us from turning up the next day and bringing our A- Game? No way! The day after a night out is business as usual and we won’t make any excuses.

Juliet, Natalie & Michelle at the Xpand Launch night

7. We’re passionate about the industry – We are REALLY passionate about Digital, Technology, Media and Communications. We are constantly reading, learning and engaging in the industry which surrounds us and 72% of our team have worked in industry prior to recruitment.  So basically you can just call us a bunch of geeks.

8. We do fun things together- We Xpanders are an extremely social bunch and we’re always doing really fun team bonding activities.  We have our endlessly entertaining Friday afternoon office drinks (See “We are Great at Animal Impressions and Charades”), big family lunches for b’days, we attend industry events and have a social club which allows us to put on some sizeable staff nights out, where things can get pretty real. So next time you’re out and about, look out for the Xpand team. We’ll be the ones in the crazy get up, having a laugh and a drink and enjoying some quality time with our friends/ colleagues.

9. We have a cool office with an awesome view! We are incredibly lucky to work in a really great location, which provides us with some gobsmackingly spectacular views of Darling harbour. We are also fortunate enough to work in some pretty cool offices. The décor is young, fresh, bright and fun, tying in perfectly with the Xpand mentality. How many offices do you know that allow you to chill out on a love sac while you work? Not many, if any!

Sydney's reception area.

10. We’re a fashionable bunch- Well dressed, I think it’s right to say that sums us up.  While we may be a bunch of self proclaimed IT geeks, that doesn’t mean we don’t take pride in our appearance. Everyday at the office is a veritable fashion parade, as we take advantage of our smart/casual dress code. I’m not going to going to lie though, some mistakes have been made in our journey to become the epitome of taste and style; there was once a double denim incident and other such atrocities…but we won’t get into that.  Anyway, that’s all in the past now, and damn we look good.