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Singapore Set for Growth - New Office, New Adventure

12th Sep 2013


Fresh from our recent trip to Sydney, where Xpand’s Managing Director; Ian Tyler unveiled the group’s vision to the entire Xpand Family - and buoyed with enthusiasm about the exciting changes that had taken place for our business, the Singapore crew packed our suitcases and waved goodbye not only to Sydney, but also to the little shop house in Far East Square we used to occupy. 

Though we were nestled amongst a cornucopia of eateries, it was time to get serious, stop thinking about the next meal and focus on the next deal. Now, after moving just a few blocks away onto Robinson Road, we have taken up residence on the 13th floor of the impressive Robinson Centre. With views of Raffles Place in one direction and Tanjong Pagar in the other, we are fortunate enough to be positioned in an incredibly central location.

As everyone knows, moving can be quite stressful, however we managed the transition quite well and with no lost boxes and minimal disruption to business, we found ourselves with views of the city, huge touch screen monitors, a welcoming reception area with bucket chairs, a flat screen TV, and wall to wall carpets. All the hard work has paid off- we have arrived in our brand new, bigger and better offices!

Our new office fit-out was designed specifically to suit our needs and provide a great work environment. We have incorporated a pantry with an eating area, two meeting rooms and an expansive boardroom with floor to ceiling windows (check it out below). Predominantly white with splashes of Xpand orange, multiple planters with lush greenery and enough light to photosynthesise, why would anyone ever want to go home?!

We have already welcomed our first client visitors and their nods of approval let us know that we look the part and we are looking forward to hosting a fabulous Christmas party for our clients and candidates who have supported us through our “xpansion”.

What is probably most exciting is that this is a work in progress; I guess you could say it is a new beginning for us. We have lots of bare wall space to fill, with all of our colourful ideas and loads of free desk space too.

We are hiring aggressively to fill our new playground. We have a crack team on the case hunting high and low, turning over every rock, all in an attempt to identify the crème de la crème of the recruitment world in Singapore. If Singapore is where you want to work, and with a fantastic team with leaders you can look up to, then look no further than Xpand Singapore.