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Making the Move: London to Sydney... 12 months on!

15th Oct 2013



As I look out of my office window, I see a gorgeous sunset over Darling Harbour. This couldn’t be any further my reality this time last year, when my view was the grey skies and concrete jungle of London.

Everyone has a story about how they ended up on the other side of the world and for those of you thinking of taking the jump and are in need of some inspiration– here is mine.

October 2012… I woke to another miserable day, only to stumble out of bed and see that I had received an email granting my visa application for Australia. My impulsivity kicked in, I packed my apartment, exchanged my pounds for dollars and two weeks later touched down in Sydney!  

12 months have now flown past and I have no plans of returning to the UK any time soon. Why? Australia is simply a beautiful place. The lifestyle is incomparable to that in the UK, elaborating on the cliché – there really is a work/ life balance, an active outdoor lifestyle, spending weekends lazing on the beach and more BBQs than you can shake a stick at.

The sunny shores of Australia have become a centre of investment for businesses headquartered in the USA and Europe that are wanting to work with or supply to the Australian market and the wider APAC region. Australia is the gateway for the Asian and Pacific arena. Being in the recruitment game and assisting companies in establishing their business on this side of the pond is pretty exciting! 

Ok so there are a couple of downsides to Oz. They don’t like tea as much as us poms, therefore its a constant battle to educate the Aussies in the office on how to make ‘a proper cuppa’.  Spiders. Yes huge, hairy, speedy, eight legged arachnids. In the UK a pint glass and piece of paper does the trick… need I say more than mop and bucket! Last but not least, the distance from your family and friends. Time difference can be anything from 9 to 11 hours difference depending on the time of year and still your loved ones back home won’t be able to work out when’s best to call you!

As I mentioned I have no plans to return to the UK in the near future, especially with summer well and truly on its way. Would I recommend life down under? Absolutely. If you are thinking of it and have any questions feel free to get in touch! @XpandMichelle |