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Xpand's Natalie Morrish has breakfast with Jason Derulo

9th Oct 2013


Xpand's very own Natalie Morrish, rubbed  shoulders with international pop mega star Jason Derulo, while he was out here promoting his new Album and 2014 Australian tour.

(Jason Derulo and Natalie far right.)

During a typical Tuesday morning meeting with the HR ladies from Yahoo!7, Natalie, an Xpander stationed exclusively as a Yahoo!7 Talent Acquisition Specialist, just so happened to be served a side of fame with her usual morning coffee.  “We were having our HR meeting in the café downstairs – then his whole crew came in- I think he had been dancing at the passenger terminal and was on X factor the night before!” said the star struck Xpander.

Clearly the ladies couldn’t believe their good fortune, as they made various attempts to take paparazzi style snaps of the handsome singer, while he ate his breakfast.  Unfortunately his body guard quickly put a stop to it and reprimanded Natalie for taking pics of the star while he had food in his mouth.

Fortunately for Natalie and the Yahoo!7 ladies, Jason turned out to be a total sweetheart. Not wanting to alienate or be unkind to his adoring fans, he came over to the table where the ladies were seated and allowed them to grab some fantastic snaps, such as the one featured here.  “He’s so nice!” squealed an ecstatic Natalie.

The American singing sensation was here in Australia last week, promoting his newest album; ‘Tattoo’s’ and his Australian tour kicking off in April next year, with a series of high profile performances such as his spot on the X Factor and an exclusive ticket only gig, at the glittering night time hotspot ; Marquee.

Bursting onto the pop scene in 2009, Jason Derulo can boast 14 million in record sales in the US alone, a fraction shy of 700 million You Tube views and a whole swag of awards and accolades.

Then just as suddenly, and with as much excitement as he arrived, he was whisked away by his entourage for yet another public appearance.