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A Positive Vibe... It's Been a While!

11th Nov 2013



The first half of this year has enjoyed quite a turn around within Capital Markets Technology, when compared to the last half of 2012!

There’s a positive vibe around the place, and a genuine sense of better times to come. It almost feels pre 2009. Many of the larger trading houses - in particular the Australian banks - are returning to building onshore Tech Teams rather than offshoring nearly every role more senior than Application Support. Finally!

I have always enjoyed recruiting within Electronic Trading, as it offered an interesting and exciting niche to operate within.  Aside from the allure of working within the financial markets, one of the best things about my role is that every day I am able to engage with candidates – many the absolute leaders in their field -  that are truly passionate about what they do. Whether they are a Junior App Support Analyst through to Heads of Technology, the buzz from landing someone in a job they love is hard to top.

My job has to be one of the best though... on a daily basis I get to work with dedicated and committed individuals who get excited about developing new technologies for trading systems and market connectivity  - and I am the one that get’s to tell these guys they have landed their dream job! It might sounds bit nerdy,  but there is just no better job satisfaction than when things fall into place, and I know I’ve chosen the right niche to work in.

If you have any questions about the current market conditions or would be interested in talking about opportunities, please be sure to get in touch.