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Melbourne Contractor End of Year Celebrations

21st Dec 2013


With the year 2013 drawing to a close, Xpand's end of year event was a perfect time to celebrate the professional accomplishments of all our Contractors. The night was a huge success with past and present employees congregating at the Wharf Hotel Bar, Docklands.

Amongst the crowd were familiar faces from our existing and prospective Clients and  together they created an ambiance of warmth and festive spirit whilst mingling with friends, re-connecting with acquaintances, and networking with new faces.

Despite the unseasonably cool weather, a great time was had by all with many writing in the day after to give praise for a memorable night.

Stephen Bliss, Carolyn Carter, Rob Wood, and Stephen Alberts were awarded hampers for celebrating their 4 year anniversary with Xpand and Christmas gifts were given to all those who attended.

Once the formality of speeches and awards were over, the festivities kicked into full swing with many staying on until the early hours of the morning, showcasing their skills on the dance floor.

Evident on the night was the unrivalled partnership between Xpand and its employees and we look forward to bringing in the new year with the same enthusiasm.

Thank you to all who attended and have a merry Christmas and happy new year!