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Let's Talk Digital PR

16th Apr 2014


Having attended PR networking events and meeting my fair share of Digital PR Practitioners, I am intrigued with PR and Communications in the digital age. I’ve worked on a number of mandates, on agency and client-side, where the word “Digital” has popped up numerous times. Digital PR is not going to replace Traditional PR. Traditional PR is traditional for a reason; it is the foundation of PR. Digital PR is an evolution of the current PR landscape.

Digital PR is a combination of Traditional PR, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media. This post is not about what Digital PR is; more on how, as a specialist Consultant I sieve out solid Digital PR Practitioners.

I am impressed with Digital PR Practitioners who understand the needs of their clients, and know the purpose of clients briefs. They invest time on research to have a better understanding of their targeted audience, and are able to create tailored content to engage, influence, and CTA (Call-To-Action). To be successful at Digital PR, one has to design and managed campaigns from conceptualization to execution. This can only be achieved through strong numerical, analytical, interpreting, and data processing.

Research & Targeting: Understanding the purpose through research allows one to know whom to target and how to go about tailoring the message, and come up with a combination of digital channels to disseminate the information – websites, blogs, social media and mobile applications (Tumblr, Vimeo, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).

Purpose: At the core of content creation is purpose! What is the objective of the message? What does one aim to achieve with the content they put out? 

Engage & Influence: Understanding one’s target audience and knowing the purpose of the message helps one to angle their message to effectively communicate, engage and influence their key influencers (internal and external) - employees, customers and clients, industry leaders, bloggers, and journalists. 

Content: Content is King! The ability to create and tailor content for different digital channels without losing the purpose is critical. Digital or Traditional PR, content has, and always will be paramount to the success of any PR campaigns.

CTA (Call-To-Action): Whatever the CTA is - Monetize (ROI), branding/awareness, or perception/reputation. It is important to be able to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns.

Passion and Boldness: The digital landscape is ever-changing. New social media channels and mobile apps are created constantly, and SEO is evolving. It is imperative to have one’s finger on the pulse. The passion to understand how the myriad of mobile applications and digital channels can potentially value-add to one’s objectives, and being bold enough to adopt it into the mix, will set one apart from their contemporaries.