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Sydney's Xpand Team Finds a New Home

23rd Apr 2014


After 8 years of continuing Xpand’s epic success story at the Sussex St Head quarters in Sydney’s CBD, we decided it was time to move out of the uber corporate landscape and find a home more befitting of our passion for Digital, Technology, Media and Communications.

As a veritable bunch of self confessed digital and tech geeks, we couldn’t be more excited to find ourselves settling into the creative hub that is Millers Point, where we are constantly surrounded by inspiration from the like minded businesses and individuals that we encounter.

The view of the office from one of the two wooden stages at the bottom of the shoots, where the wool used to be dropped down from street level.

We are also pretty impressed with our new digs, which were once home to literally tons of freshly shorn sheep’s wool. Fortunately rather than sharing an office with a pile of wool, (which would undoubtedly have its benefits in winter) we managed to get it evicted, leaving plenty of room for desk space and making way for the spectacular open plan, warehouse style, office space we find ourselves in today. 

Many reminders of the exposed brick and timber building’s heritage remain, with the giant timber slopes for dropping down wool, huge scales and wooden stages with floor to ceiling ropes making for an out and out wonderland for any excitable Xpander. Unfortunately this terrific playground is subject to a rule of “lookies no touchies” as it is heritage listed and old as, which means we treat it with the utmost respect!

The Xpand team hard at work in their new office.

Anyway, long story short- our new office is awesome, the location is awesome, we’re awesome and watch this space because we’re going to have some awesome events in our new lodgings, starting with our larger than life new office launch party! So stay tuned!