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Community Management in Recruitment

4th Jun 2014


Community Management in Recruitment?

People in this position work to build, grow and manage communities around a brand or cause.

When I moved into this new role, a lot of people asked, “what exactly is community management within a recruitment agency?” Well when you think about it, it makes total sense to a business that focuses purely on people.

Recruitment and Executive Search agencies have one product - their candidates. Consultants take unique candidates through the recruitment process, which culminates in an offer from the client, and a subsequent acceptance from that candidate. So, why wouldn’t we invest in building relationships with the people that ultimately make us money?

We at Xpand focus on roles within the Digital, Technology, Media and Communications spaces and really take a genuine interest in the areas we recruit in. We also run a ‘candidate first’ model, which means we focus on building long-term and trusted relationships with a core group of exceptional candidates within tightly defined niches. This sets us apart from the rest, and also means we’re much more proactive in matching the right candidate to the right job in the right organization. Sometimes before it comes along!

For this reason alone it makes real sense to have a Community Manager, someone who can be the go-to for talent in the marketplace and someone to reach out to the communities of these candidates. We don’t simply gather resumes. We’ll listen to understand what motivates you, where you hope your career will go next, what type of company you want to work for. That way, in 3 months time when your dream role comes up, you’ll be the first to know.

A typical Community Manager, perhaps within an agency or a gaming company, is there to look after their community but there are so many ways to engage people these days. What used to be a simple process of picking up the phone and chatting to someone has now evolved into various online profiles, social media channels, meetup groups, forums and so on. How could one person possibly be across all of this, as well as building and managing client relationships and taking candidates right through the interview process? Day to day just simply gets in the way. We all choose different modes of communication and we need to be cognisant of how our network wants to communicate and roll with them! Not everyone is “visible” especially not if they are a passive job seeker – the Community Manager looks under stones to engage with people who don’t have a thorough LinkedIn profile and are therefore easy to find.

This is another excellent reason for a Community Manager, someone to manage a strong online presence and think of creative ways to reach out to you, someone who has various searches on a Tweetdeck dashboard and is constantly monitoring what people are saying about their jobs. Social media is such an important aspect of businesses these days that is often overlooked.

We also want to give back to you. We’ll regularly be blogging Q&A sessions with industry leaders, holding networking sessions and thought leadership events, live tweeting from conferences across Asia… this is how you could also learn from us and build your network!