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5 Minutes With Rico Wyder

22nd Jul 2014


Rico Wyder heads up the global expansion efforts in the Asia Pacific region for Fiksu, the mobile app marketing experts. Rico’s roots run deep in the mobile space as an entrepreneur and angel investor in mobile apps, m-commerce and mobile marketing ventures including Cassiber, Foodpanda, and tenCube (acquired by McAfee). Rico graduated from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and is based in Singapore. Conveniently, Fiksu share part of our office so we wheeled over for a quick chat. Follow him on Twitter!

What are your digital / technology priorities for the year ahead?

As brands are moving into mobile apps as well, retargeting and re-engagement have become our priorities for app users. Also very important are RTB & programmatic media buying as well as social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Which brands or businesses are using digital / technology to its full potential and how?

My favourite examples are found among travel services. Many of them have understood how desktop, mobile web and mobile apps are working together to drive their business. They use each channel properly to either drive new customers or retain existing ones. And they keep experimenting through digital and even offline while relying on data and their own key metrics.

What emerging technologies or trends should people be aware of?

There have been too many new technologies in digital to capture them all. Despite its reputation of being a 'buzzword', RTB has grown significantly in mobile over the past 12 months and will in my view continue to challenge other channels in the future. Data becomes more and more important in a crowded, competitive digital media buying space. A more experimental, but interesting trend in mobile apps is to demonstrate an app without downloading it.

What is the importance of video in the digital landscape from your perspective?

As far as mobile apps are concerned, video is very useful. Videos let users get a first impression of an app before downloading it, which will result in a more targeted, more interested user base. Despite higher cost, it is therefore highly effective when focusing on an active user base.

How are people’s roles and positions in companies changing with the emergence of digital and technology?

It has changed a lot in mobile. We see many companies hiring specifically for their mobile properties (web, apps). Having cross-functional experts in-house helps the company focusing on growing their mobile business. At the same time it allows them to understand and leverage their partners/tools both on a technological as well as on a business level. 

What does the future look like for digital advertising?

Multi-device, big data, hyper-personal. Maybe location-based or at least contextually/location-influenced.

What’s the best piece of innovation you have seen in recent time and why?

Although it is not really a new concept, deep-linking into apps has opened up so many doors for innovative retargeting and engagements campaigns with existing app users. Twitter's mobile app install product is very innovative as it allows to target audiences around conversations rather than user profiles. This gives an opportunity to interact with users as they are receptive for specific content.

What are your strategies to stay ahead of the competition?

Learn every day and be a thought leader as a company, shaping a growing industry with innovative services and products.

What have you noticed regarding non-traditional competitors moving in and attracting talent away from your company?

I think we are the non-traditional competitor, but let's see what the future brings.

How has employee engagement changed in recent times and how do you ensure that you have the highest levels among your employees?

It has become more individualistic. It requires more flexibility from an employer, but demands more independence, pro-activeness, and self-discipline from employees.

What is your favourite local food?

Bee Hoon.

Where is your favourite place to travel?