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The Xpand Xperience

2nd Jul 2014


Like most candidates out there, when I started interviewing for a new role, I was also a passive candidate – content where I was, but open to exploring opportunities should the right one come along. When I was offered my current role at Xpand, I gladly accepted the offer. At that point of time I was excited, I had something to look forward to - new beginnings as many would say! But there was a part of me that felt nervous…

Organizational culture. Those are the 2 words which made me nervous. I know it sounds weird for a recruiter to be saying this, but hey, recruiters are human too and it’s always easier to give someone advice than to apply the same logic to your own situation.

I was worried that I may not blend in to the culture of Xpand. Looking back, it was quite absurd of me to have felt that way. 

Whether you are a client or candidate, when you are due to meet a recruiter, I bet you will expect to meet someone dressed up in a nice suit, with a nice white shirt underneath, a pair of cufflinks and a tie to complete the look.  

Well, that’s not quite what you will find when you meet an Xpander! We are probably one of the few search firms where we are allowed to wear whatever we choose to work. We have a culture that encourages each Xpander to express their individualism and wearing what we feel comfortable in (minus our own skin) does help! Not dressing like a typical recruiter does not mean that we do not know our stuff. All of our Consultants come with either extensive recruitment experience, or have deep industry expertise. In fact, we are pretty good at what we do. We ARE specialists. 

Spend a day with us at Xpand and you will hear lots of laughter, lots of banter and of course lots of hard work too. One of my colleagues has an apt way to describe it, we are in our own little bubble of love.  

We have supportive bosses and colleagues, we work hard together but we certainly know when to have a good laugh... at times even at our own MD! We have a cool MD who is humble, hands-on, and supportive. We have Directors who are selfless and motivating. We have colleagues who are collaborative and fun fun fun!!! Bad days just don’t seem so bad after all when you work with such a fantastic group of people.

Work life balance – that’s another thing that many out there are constantly looking for. Xpand loosely applies a “results only” work environment which certainly helps us, Xpanders, to achieve that. If we are hitting our targets we are afforded a level of flexibility, a huge motivator!

I can confidently say that I love my job and workplace and I love coming to work everyday! If you are one of those who dread going to work in the morning,  then the smart thing to do is to pick up that phone and call one of us today! Let’s have a chat and see how we can make it better for you!