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Didn't Make It To B&T's MAD Week Customer Conference? Then Watch Xpand's First Venture Into Film Making And Find Out What You Missed!

21st Aug 2014


As sponsors of the MAD Week Customer Conference on the 31st of July, at the Four Seasons in Sydney, we were extremely fortunate to gain major insight into the hearts and minds of many of Australia’s creative maestro’s, who provided exceptional clarity on how you too can get your customers to really engage with your brand.

We were even lucky enough to get some of these big names to share their passion for customer engagement on camera, providing excellent material for Xpand’s first foray into feature film making, resulting in an entertaining and informative, bite sized summary of the day’s happenings. (Please see the bottom of this post to watch the video and see the exciting results for yourself!)

It was interesting to see that the same key themes and ideas were universally recognised accross all of the companies and brands that were respresented on the day, with each in agreeance on the best way to really engage with customers.

We found that the main three themes that we were able to take away from the conference were; 

Listen to your customers.

This being the prevailing idea of the day, meaning that you must literally listen to your customers in order to get them to engage with your brand. In this day and age with so many ways of collecting customer data it’s essential to utilise it in a way that shows your customers you’re listening to them and putting actions in place to improve their experience with your brand.

Create meaningful connections with your customers.

This is about engaging your customers on an emotional level. This is achieved by providing your customers with personalised experiences which make a positive impact in their lives, that they’re happy to share with family and friends, who could be potential new customers.   

Be a business for good and customers will respect you.

Customers like to know the brands they deal with are happy to give back to the community. This doesn’t mean you just donate funds to a good cause. It’s about really getting involved with other organisations and coming up with genuine strategies for your brand and products to help make improvements in the local community.

A great example of this is Virgin Mobile Australia’s #mealforameal campaign, where they’ve teamed up with OzHarvest and created an initiative centred around mobile users taking food snaps which are then tagged #mealforameal across various social media channels. This simple exercise then results in OzHarvest providing real meals for people in need across Australia. Click on the link to watch the video to get involved!

So in short, your customers are already telling you what they want from your brand. So listen to them. Be bold in creating new experiences that are unique and exciting, however remember that making a meaningful impact in customer’s lives is really the key to truly engaging them with your brand and creating a lasting positive connection.

Now let’s see what some of Mad Week’s top notch speakers and talented attendees had to say about the day and on customer experience in general in Xpand’s first venture into short film making- Enjoy!

A big thanks to all of those that participated in the film and to Erik, Laen and Luke from Scannavison Productions for putting our vision together for us.