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Gaming + Singapore = Winning!

10th Sep 2014


Two quick facts about me: I love my family and I love video games. My love and passion for the latter can be quantified either by my 2000 virtual trophies and counting, or my #2 ranking in BF4 in my home state, or the article featured in the PlayStation magazine about my LBP level.  So I’ll be totally honest in saying I had no idea how happening the gaming scene here in Singapore was prior to relocating 2 months ago from the US.  Sure, I knew that games, comics, anime, etc. were huge in Asia, but I figured most of the buzz would be around Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. My-my, what a euphoric moment it was when I realised how big a role Singapore actually played! 

From phones and tablets to PC to PlayStation 4 –there is no platform untouched when it comes to games development here in Singapore. You have your small 5-people-sized indie studios, along with your triple-A 250+ people-sized international studios. I could go on for ages on the extensive variety of genres that exist within this countries ever-evolving gaming ecosystem, but just know that whether you are a fan of fun, addictive match-3 games or a fan of action-packed assassin adventure games, there truly is something for everyone here.

On a related note, I just experienced my first gaming and anime convention here in Singapore, STGCC. I was in a room filled with nerds just like me taking pictures of all the awesome Cosplay characters and toys for sale. The high point was meeting up with 3 other “Attack on Titan” characters and taking a super-selfie. The low point was walking down orchard in full gear, including Eren Yeager’s 1.5 meter sword, receiving looks of confusion and fear, and almost being denied entry to the MRT due my “weapon”!

All in all, I am ecstatic to thoroughly uncover this booming space here in Singapore. Even more so, I’m anxious to see how it continues to grow and take shape considering the worldwide video games industry is set to break $100B USD EOY2014. My passion for gaming crept into my professional life 2 years ago, where I started recruiting talent for reputable gaming companies around Atlanta. Certainly understated, but it’s so refreshing to know I will be able to maintain that focus with my new team here in Singapore. After all, if you have passion, you have everything… watch this space!

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