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Xpand Logo Competition - THE WINNER

1st Sep 2014


Back in May, we announced the “Xpand logo competition” that was aimed at any budding young designer to showcase their creative talents to a panel of judges ranging from the Executive Vice President of R/GA and the Chief Marketing Officer of Bubbly to the Managing Director of BBH and me, the Managing Director of Xpand.

To say that this competition has been a success would be an understatement. We were overwhelmed by the responses we received, in excess of 50 submissions were judged and moved from a long list to a short list and today I am excited to announce the runner up and the winner of the Xpand Logo Competition.

Firstly, a huge thank you to the all of the people that referred, submitted and interacted with Xpand around this competition. All of the judges that gave us time, reviewed the entries and gave the critical feedback and support to enable us in the selection of this winner and the runner up.  Thank you.

Our runner up is Kyle Rathbone.

Kyle created a modern and fresh approach for the new logo design concept. Kyle introduced a subtle use of an arrow in the ‘x’ for Xpand as if to create the gesture of  ‘moving forward’  ‘Growth’ or ‘Expanding a company’.

Kyle introduced a more modern font that is bold and different to the one currently in use. The font would allow ‘Xpand’ to stand on its own as a brand when put up against other companies. The logo Kyle created also offers some playful versatility, with the ‘x’ icon in the logo being separated to become a letter mark and a single stand-alone image, which would be used as a brand identifier. You can see Kyle's full entry here.

All of these points led Kyle’s design to be highly considered by all judges. The design and the consideration of the thought processes behind the concept, how it could be adapted and evolved was a stand out. Kyle on behalf of Xpand, we thank you for your entry and as a result of the closeness between your design and the winning entry, Xpand have decided to award Kyle with a cash prize that we hope he will enjoy and as a token of our appreciation. Kyle thanks a million for your efforts and your professionalism throughout our conversations and interactions.

Which brings me onto the winning entry. Now, this was not without debate and it was very closely contested. But we did select a winner.

The winner of the Xpand Logo Competition is Alex Arney.

Alex’s entry was one that caught the eye of each judge and internal Xpand staff members that were involved with the competition. Alex has created a bold, clean, crisp, yet professional new logo.

These characteristics served as the foundation for the development of the final re-branding theme for Xpand. This design builds upon the current word mark style logo, by incorporating both word mark and letter mark features.


Alex’s design is crisp, clean and simple and not too far away from where we already are. The use of a sans-serif typeface was chosen to reflect a modern and casual feeling. The cleanliness of the design aims to portray an image of professionalism, as if to say “there are no complications, no extra hidden elements, what you see is what you get” and it is this brand insight and characteristic that Xpand has in spades.

For many, digital, technology, media based agencies relate to innovative and interesting use of technology. The foundation of this is “development, or coding”. As such, the colon in this design pays homage to this foundation.

The colon is a frequently used symbol in many coding languages. It is usually used directly after a defining statement. It says: “there is more to come here, who knows what the opportunities are”. This has deep symbolism to Xpand. The idea is that the colon signifies an expansion of a simple statement; it provides the starting point for more to come. Just as with recruitment, opportunity knocks, and Xpand is where you begin.


Another important aspect of the design are the colours that Alex selected as they reflect the environment and feeling we wish to portray. This design utilises four colours that build upon the traditional existing orange of the original Xpand logo. The palette used here is bold, vibrant, fun and energetic. They don’t shy away, they like to stand out just as Xpand as a company does.

Alex’s design was selected as the winner with all of the above overview taken into consideration. We have already begun to introduce the design concepts into collaterall such as new company baseball caps, new business cards and our website. We are exploring how we can have the X: live in the digital form and be creative with the colour palette and align each line of business by way of specialisation to a colour to give it it’s own brand look and feel whilst remaining the integrated as one Xpand.

We are truly excited about the new chapter of our corporate look and feel; we will continue to evolve this with the support of Alex and invest in the development of his design.

Alex, again, thank you for such an innovative concept, we appreciate all of the time and effort that you invested in this and for the way in which you have interacted with us to get to this point. We hope you enjoy your prize money, keep designing and we look forward to involving you and introducing you to the judges more formally and who knows where this may lead. Congratulations to you and all of the designers for without you, we would not have what we do today. Thank you!