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Xpand's Annual Kickoff

17th Sep 2014


Every year, us Xpanders get together to celebrate the year that has passed and to discuss and focus our efforts on the one ahead. This year, we held our annual sales kickoff in Sydney, which was a great opportunity for everyone to catch up, swap business ideas and have some fun! Those who hadn't seen it, had a chance to explore our awesome Sydney office and the beautiful surrounding areas.

We had a jam-packed day full of talks from Xpand and Rubicor management as well as two really interesting guys. Trophies were awarded to those who truly lived Xpand’s values, and other achievements were celebrated. Our new logo was also unveiled and new business cards were handed out! Big thank you to Danny Bass and Colonel Jim Hutton for taking the time out to speak to us. Both talks were very different but extremely insightful and inspiring.

We wrapped up the day by throwing on our X: hats and participating in a Corporate Challenge. We took part in various team-building activities (has anyone tried to build a tower from spaghetti and jelly beans before?) as well as building an actual bike straight from the box! Some fared better than others, having Xpanders who worked in bike shops in a previous life... Once they were built, tested and assessed for safety, (ridden around the bar) they were donated to some very grateful kids thanks to the Bikes for Tykes organization. It was a really nice way to wrap up the day!

After a quick change it was time to let our hair down at The Argyle… no further comments!

We all left Sydney feeling an infectious buzz for the year ahead. Are you looking for a new position in digital, technology, media or communications? Perhaps you’d like to be part of our team? We’re embarking upon a brand new venture in Hong Kong… there are lots of exciting things to be a part of at Xpand, take a look at some here.