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And Then I Attended Spikes...

8th Oct 2014


A month after I had landed in Singapore, I still couldn't figure out the entire menu of my local hawker food stall, but was already honoured to attend Asia's biggest gathering of creatives and marketers.

40+ seminars, 66 speakers, 4 competitions. The warm support of a cafe latte machine that attracted a longer queue than my MRT station at 8.30am on Mondays. During four days, we were led through inspiring talks from international leaders, best-practice forums, programmatic conferences, and sneak peaks into the worlds coolest innovations (only at Spikes could I try Google Glass!). From user generated content to the evolution of design in the age of connected devices, through the expected evolution of programmatics towards more collaboration and less data leakage, creative trends and digital marketing evolutions were tackled to help agencies and marketers anticipate the evolutions of their jobs. And to also get some inspiration from the most impactful campaigns. 

Some key takeaways on the digital marketing side? Listen. Dare. Innovate. It's THAT simple.

As an ex-marketer and now digital marketing recruitment expert, those events are the backbone of my work. Not only for the people I meet, but also to anticipate the evolution of marketing, matching the constant changes in consumer habits and technology. Understanding what skills will be needed tomorrow by agencies, the jobs emerging with the new digital and tech trends, as well as what motivates people and really makes them get up in the morning, all this is crucial to proactively meet the best candidates, and find them the job that will keep them growing.


Candidate attraction, not even mentioning candidate retention, was actually a recurring topic throughout the talks. Skills evolve, and finding the right people with the right mindset is the number one challenge for most agencies, but ironically also the key factor to their success. The most heard criteria when looking for top employees? A passion for their work, exceptional skills AND a sense of collaboration.

Spikes Asia, through the conferences, awarded campaigns and networking, reflected my belief that attitude and values are still the winning combo, as much for agencies as for the candidates I recruit.

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