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X:ED October - The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

28th Oct 2014


Last Thursday in Singapore we held our quarterly X:ED event at The Black Swan. X:ED is a platform that we host in order to address some of the more current topics in the digital technology landscape. We fully believe in having a deep passion for our markets and we were delighted to welcome Damien Cummings, Adam Neat, Zaheer Nooruddin and Freddie Covington-Corbett to discuss ‘The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist’.  

We had a fantastic turnout to witness a very passionate conversation between two marketing heads and one information technology expert. Tweets were flying in from across the globe contributing to the conversation via #XED. Freddie our moderator did a fantastic job of keeping the conversation exciting and on track whilst inserting a few stimulating questions amongst a solid flow of wine! Campaign Asia wrote a fantastic summary on the event, and for more photos head over to our Facebook page. Stay tuned for the next one in January!