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The Pyjama Foundation Christmas Toy Drive

28th Nov 2014


Christmas day in the eyes of a child is arguably THE most exciting of the year, as millions of little ones all over the world wait in anticipation to see if all of their good (or bad) behaviour has translated into an abundance of gifts from Santa. While Christmas is first and foremost a time for focusing on family and relationships, for the 39,000 children in foster care who have been displaced from their original homes and are in various stages of being integrated into new ones, it can be a tough time and this is why the Pyjama Foundation undertakes its annual toy drive, helping to do something a bit extra to bring some light and happiness to these vulnerable kids.

We at Xpand are staunch supporters of this amazing organisation that was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing support to the foster care community by offering a learning-based mentoring program free of charge for children in care, delivered by volunteer Pyjama Angels. (See our previous blog post on the Pyjama Foundation for a more detailed background on their invaluable work.)

So once again we encourage you to get behind this great cause and make a difference in these little ones lives by donating to the Pyjama Foundation Toy Drive. You can spend as much or as little as you like, with no obligation to pay out a fortune, even something very small is a welcome contribution. The children are of all ages from babies to those who are 16 years of age, however most fall into the 4-12 years category. The poster below has some great suggestions for children of all ages at a cost of around $20- $30 and an even easier option of a link where you able to buy the presents online!

We will have a Christmas tree set up here at Xpand to put the presents under, so if you would like to purchase something for these children then please feel free to bring it into our office in Millers Point and we will make sure it is received by the Pyjama Foundation and a very deserving and no doubt appreciative, little one.

To find out more about how you can also donate to the Pyjama Foundation Christmas Children's Camp, which simply allows kids to just be kids for a week or how you can volunteer as a Christmas gift wrapper, please visit the Pyjama Foundation Website.