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Gaming In Singapore - What Has Passed And What Has Yet To Come?

27th Jan 2015


Hello and Happy Belated New Year My Fellow Gamers!

Whether you are working in the industry or just an avid follower of all things games, 2014 has been quite the year of pure epicness. Let us put down our gaming controllers for 5 minutes and reflect on the year that’s passed and the year to come…


This is the year we saw some exciting changes in the gaming industry! From 100 million dollar (USD) studio buyouts to dismal reviews on a highly rated triple-A title, the gaming market in Singapore continues to evolve. Free-to-play gaming continues to thrive as a sustainable model for game studios to generate revenue and achieve growth. Although “freemium” gaming has been around since the early 2000’s, it’s not until recently that usage began to spike mainly due to the ever-increasing need of having everything when you want it. Cinderella Girls –a popular F2P game in Japan – generates 8.4 million dollars (USD) a month for one successful Japanese gaming company. We’ve also seen this pay-to-play model spill into pop culture where you have controversial shows like South Park poking fun at the concept of F2P games and the negative “nickel-and-diming” aspects surrounding it. 


In other news, the battle between Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox continues to rage on as the two consoles do whatever it takes to claim the throne of being the ultimate Next-Gen gaming system. With the year concluded, it’s clear to see the round goes to PlayStation 4 as they’ve been able to beat every single sales record set by its predecessor (PS3). Not only have they beaten their own records, but they’ve managed to beat the competition by outselling the Xbox One by an impressive and staggering 2:1 ratio. PlayStation has lots of momentum swinging into 2015 and from the line-up in sight it looks to be another blow out year for the gang at Sony! 


Another year, another opportunity to play some exciting games! As the market here in Singapore continues to explode, more and more talent will be required to keep up with the boom. The mobile gaming companies that are doing it right are making money hand over fist with nothing but runway ahead of them. Specialists in Game Design, Software Engineering and Art will continue to be in high demand to keep up with deadlines set by gaming studios. You also have your less technical professionals in Marketing, Product Management, and Business Development that will be crucial in helping publishing studios here in Singapore achieve their sales targets for 2015. Lastly, we are on the heels of VR gaming in which this year we will begin seeing the first iterations by companies like Sony and Facebook who can’t wait to dazzle its fans by ushering in a totally new era of gaming.


All in all, it’s a great time to be a gamer and an even better time to be in Singapore, which has undoubtedly proven itself to be the home-base for any and all expansion initiatives in the playbook for European or American gaming organizations looking to spread their wings East.


Game on, Singapore!

Yours truly,

De’Angello Harris

PSN: Dead_Air


PS: If you’d like to see how my holidays were spent, take a look at my intense Call of Duty sniping montage. Be sure to comment to let me know what you guys thought: