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Here We Are... Xpanding in Hong Kong!

17th Feb 2015


Here we are… Xpanding in Hong Kong!

You will think, oh yeah, another recruitment firm, just what Hong Kong needed.

Well, hear that: we sponsored the Media360Summit that took place in Hong Kong on February 12th. There were some really interesting and empowering sessions on a variety of topics, delivered by impressive senior speakers (and interesting characters…): Bonin Bough from Mondelez, Shingy from AOL, Gerry Boyle from ZenithOptimedia, Steven Chang from Tencent, Mike Cooper from PHD, Parminder Singh from Twitter, Alfonso Rodes Vila from Havas, Karim Temsamani from Google, Mainardo de Nardis from OMG, Geoff Seeley from Unilever, and it goes on and on. Oh, I forgot to mention we also had the sexiest man in Indonesia…

The one issue that has been mentioned in each and every session? FINDING TALENT.

And it’s not me, a recruiter, trying to sell you something... it’s coming direct from the C-level leaders in the media industry.

Well that’s why we are Xpanding in Hong Kong, after Australia, the UK and Singapore. Because we BELIEVE we can help our clients improve the performance and efficiency of their recruitment process. And once we have done that, you will realise we have also helped you reduce your recruitment costs.

The feedback from our clients is that there is most definitely a gap in the market, which we are filling. In our competitive landscape, we’re the only ones doing what we do and how we do it.

We value our candidates and our clients. We are NOT satisfied with what we see on the recruitment market and that is why we are here. As opposed to most of recruitment firms, we don’t consider recruitment as transactional, we are dealing with people after all, how could it be? We value relationships above all, in one word, we CARE about our candidates and clients.

That is reflected in the way we go about sourcing our candidates on behalf of our clients. We are working only in candidate short markets (and that’s precisely why our clients come to us), so we are investing a lot of time and money in building a solid talent pool in which our clients can find the rare birds they are looking for. So, what does it look like in real-life? We are the only recruitment firm with a dedicated community manager, we have built up a massive presence on social media (that doesn't mean only LinkedIn…), we regularly host our X:ED events featuring industry leaders sharing their thoughts on our markets, we proactively generate a lot of conversations for our candidates, etc. In a few words? We have a candidate-first approach to our job.

We are true specialists of our markets, on top of a solid recruitment background, most of us have an industry background. That allows us to have professional conversations with our clients and candidates, that help us to understand what they need / what they are looking for, and therefore, provide them with the best possible level of service. But we don’t pretend we know everything and we are not afraid to say “I don’t know” or “no” to a client. We are specialists of our markets and we won’t become generalist recruiters anytime soon.

Why Hong Kong?

Well, we could tell you Hong Kong is an exciting place to do business: entry door to China, growing and service-oriented economy, low tax, etc. You’ve heard it all before. All of this is true of course but most importantly, starting Xpand Hong Kong was the obvious next step for us to service our clients to our high standards. We are proud to work for a lot of leading companies in their sectors, most of them being global or regional businesses. So it made sense for us to extend our offering to match our clients requirements, matching their locations.

Xpand Hong Kong… what does it look like?

We have started our operations in WanChai, and we are building up our team here to cover 5 main markets: Digital/Media, Data/Analytics, IT Sales and Consulting, Financial Services Technology and Marketing/Comms/Content. We are making sure we are hiring not only the best recruiters but also the recruiters who will fit in our culture, and who will be our brand ambassadors in front of our clients and candidates. The team is already growing significantly…

You will have realised by now that our culture, the way we work and our standards in terms of quality, are a bit different than what you have seen until now in the recruitment world… We will make sure we get this new expansion right and lay the foundations to service our clients and candidates with the same level of quality and engagement that made us successful in our other locations.

Of course, we would love to hear from you! Whether you are a candidate looking to see what opportunities are out there, a potential client interested in getting our views on the job market, or simply an industry enthusiast willing to grow their network, feel free to reach out: via our website, email or our social media accounts, and you can even use phone if you’d like!

A LOT is happening, so stay tuned for more news about Xpand Hong Kong!

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