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The 3 Steps To NAIL That Big First Interview...

11th Feb 2015


You have contacted the specialist Consultant in your space. Together you discussed your professional experiences, skills, career goals and defined the open role that would be a good fit. Now is the time to meet your potential next manager or HR…

This sometimes seems frightening – this is your one chance to make a good impression, and the potential impact of that meeting can make you forget that by keeping in mind 3 essential keys, a successful interview is EASY!

1. BEFORE: Do your homework. Prior to meeting the interviewer, you should know:

  • All details on the company, have read their website inside out. You understand their core business, their values, the added value they offer in the market
  • Who you're meeting… LinkedIn is a precious ally to give you info on the type of person you will be talking with!
  • The job description - you will certainly be given more details during the interview… but you should know enough to already say how you can bring an added value in this role
  • Study the street directions beforehand, and take extra time to get there ON TIME, not sweaty, flustered and without any unnecessary stress on top...

2. DURING: Mind your body language. An interview is not just what you say, but as importantly HOW you say it

  • Greet the interviewer with a SMILE, look him/her in the EYES, avoid fidgeting with your hair or pen
  • Use your EARS to carefully listen to the questions and your EYES to sense from his/her body language when you have talked enough or going in the wrong direction
  • The COMMUNICATION through the senses is much more powerful than we think!

3. AFTER: I'm a firm believer in the follow up email, which will reassert your MOTIVATION for the role and give you an extra chance to send across your message.

Now you can go ROCK that interview!

Any other tips that you found works for you each time? I’ll be happy to hear it, or discuss any of those tips in more detail if you have any comments…

Have a great interview, and let me know how it goes!