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Big Data, Data Science and Analytics in Australia

20th Mar 2015


Alec Smith leads the Data Science, Engineering and Analytics practice for Xpand in Australia. 

He is a strong believer that a recruiters position allows for a unique perspective on the market so keep an eye out for future topics of discussion around this space.

I moved to Sydney in June last year. Like every other Brit in Australia, I moved for the sunnier climate and a life by the beach (yes, I live in Bondi!). My background in the UK was in investment banking technology and the first time I got a flavour of ‘big data’ was when the fraud department of a global bank asked for artificial intelligence experience. I was instantly intrigued! 

Personally, I can’t imagine recruiting in an area that doesn’t interest or challenge me intellectually. So when I started my research and came across concepts like machine learning and predictive analytics, the decision was made – I was moving into this field in Australia!

So, for the past eight months with Xpand, I have been on a journey to discover the market in Australia and on a crash course in science, engineering, statistics, distributed computing, scalability – the list goes on. And this is my attempt at summarising what I have learnt so far – a recruiters perspective if you will!  

Why do organisations need Data Science and Analytics?

As a starting point, it is worth pointing out that Australia is a smaller market than say, the US or UK, so data sets are inherently smaller. But to avoid getting caught up in the murkiness surrounding ‘big data’, I am not just concerned with who has massive volumes of data – I am interested in whether Australian organisations are employing data science and advanced analytics, irrespective of the sizes involved. Put simply, is Australia doing this stuff well? 

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