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SYDMMM - The Inaugural Event

6th Apr 2015


March’s inaugural Sydney Mobile Marketing Meetup, was a huge success with over 35 marketeers and developers in attendance. #SYDMMM, had competition in the form of another ad tech meet up and of course the cricket, however that didn’t stop the show! Hosting the first meet up we were delighted to welcome Michael Correa, Sales Director of PocketMath and Dale Carr, CEO of Leadbolt alongside Tapmint’s Matthew Ho, Head of Product Development.

The conversation piece was around the awareness of mobile marketing and what it holds for the future, different ad formats across mobile, innovative applications and how to monetize apps. At the end, the panel fielded some tough questions from the audience during its first Q & A session, here are a few of the topics discussed;

  • As mobile cookie tracking is mainly “in app”, how can you re-target audiences outside of that environment?

  • How do you track users across multiple platforms, due to the limitations of cookies within mobile environments?

  • What will be the greatest challenges the mobile community will face in the next 12 months?

  • As a developer, how can I maximise my app downloads through advertising?


The atmosphere was light, not too serious, (even though the agendas were) and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. #SYDMMM had lots of different personalities at the meet up, which made for a more diverse and interesting night. The event was made all the better with the food and drinks on offer, with the finest selection of beers and wine that seemed to be in endless supply!

Our location caused quite the storm, with people totally amazed by the space Xpand is proud to occupy in Sydney’s Millers Point. This makes me feel even luckier about the place I get to go to work in every day.

As the event was the first of many, it was great to hear feedback from the people that attended, who said they would definitely come back to the next one. The event is looking to grow and have new and different speakers on a monthly basis so please reach out if you are interested in participating. The next event is on the 30th April and you can expect a great line up of speakers. To me, the biggest measure of how successful the event was is that people didn’t want to leave! Many stuck around for at least an hour after the talks finished to continue networking and talking shop.

Looking forward to the next one! Join the meetup group to stay updated!