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AAN & Xpand Meet-Ups: Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)

9th Jun 2015


What are they and how do they effect you and your business?

Australasian Architecture Network & Xpand are pleased to announce that we are teaming up again for our next set of meet-ups hosted by Andrew Blades and Shannon Anderson. This time we will be venturing into what is the undeniably pertinent world of Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the recent release of Apple’s long awaited wearable device; the Apple watch, wearable tech is hotter than hot and while it is still in its infancy, we have come leaps and bounds into terms of what this technology has been able to achieve thus far, and the potential for its future possibilities are only limited by our imagination.  Pieces such as biometric garments that record and measure body vitals, or clothing containing solar cells that charge devices and even jewellery that lights up when powered by your body heat, are all items that are already on our radar.

When combined with the endless promise heralded by the Internet of Things (IoT), we will see wearable devices connecting with household appliances, cars and basically anything with an on switch, in a seamless transference of information from one connected device to the next in order to revolutionise and simplify our existence.  For example, imagine coming home from a morning run without your keys, to have your phone tell your door to unlock just as you arrive and to tell your coffee machine to start making your morning latte just before you step in the door. Genius.  

However this kind of interconnectivity between devices poses obvious security risks, not just for individuals but also for companies.  As the IoT continues to develop at a rapid pace there is also the issue of data sharing and privacy, meaning that companies will need to find ways to successfully and securely store the vast amounts of data that will be made available to them.

For both our Sydney and Melbourne meet-ups, our expert panellists will be delving deeper into these issues and how they will affect you and your business, while also speaking more about the incredible possibilities brought forth by wearable devices and the IoT .

The first of these umissable meet-ups will be held in Sydney on Tuesday 16th of June, featuring our panel of tech gurus, with an introduction by the amazing Ben Moir - Snepo Director, WearableX Director and Inventor.  



Ben (aka Mr Wolf) is an engineer who was born to solve problems. He turned his focus to management 10 years ago because people are infinitely more complex and fun than computers and tech. He lives a double life, during the day he runs Snepo Research a gun team of programmers and designers based locally in Surry Hills; at night he runs a wearable tech company We:eX based in New York with Billie his co-founder and in-house fashion designer. Ben lives by the motto, you can sleep when you're dead...

Our first panelist is Roger Lawrence - Chief Technologist, Innovation - Asia-Pacific & Japan, HP,



Roger Lawrence is Chief Technologist for innovation in HP Enterprise Services, Asia- Pacific & Japan, responsible for facilitating innovation for enterprise clients across the region. He also works with senior executives to understand industry trends and develop strategic solutions.

Roger has spent some 27years in Information Technology and benefits from experience such as Mainframe Programming the late 80's; Infrastructure , Support and Consulting in the 90’s; Architecture and Strategy Consulting in the earlier part of this decade; Consulting Practice Management & Group Management of Technologists, Technology Evangelism, Start-up experience and Market strategy.

His passion is around enabling people and business with the latest technologies, especially where the virtual and real worlds. Roger is currently the chair of the Australian Information Industry (AIIA), Innovation special Interest group and he regularly presents at industry forums.

Next is Tim Dillon – Director, Tech Research Asia,



Tim has been involved in business and technology research and analysis in 1991. From 2007 to late 2012 he held the role of IDC’s Associate Vice President Enterprise Mobility and End- User (Business) research, Asia Pacific. Prior to this he was Current Analysis’ Director of Global Telecoms Research and European and Asia Pacific Research Director. In July 2012 he established Tech Research Asia ( to provide bespoke analyst & consulting services to vendors and enterprises in the IT&T sector.

 For a period of time he also worked with one of Europe’s leading competitive intelligence research houses as research director with a personal focus on telecoms and IT.

Tim truly delights in presenting, facilitating and communicating with audiences discussing how trends and development in technology will shape the future business environment. A strong communicator, he has presented to large (1500+) audiences as well as small intimate roundtable discussions.

Glenn Vassallo- IoT Solutions Architect / Full Stack IoT Developer -  Swift Software,



Glenn Vassallo is a highly experienced technical leader, entrepreneur and consultant, with over 20 years of experience. He has architected, developed and provided consulting for numerous IoT solutions for various industries, including Medical, Industrial, Consumer and Automotive. Glenn has expertise in the four main pillars of IoT solutions; Embedded, Mobile, Data and Cloud, this enables him to architect end to end IoT solutions. Glenn is part of the organising team for the new Sydney IoE (Internet of Everything) Meetup group, previously architected solutions for Microsoft and is currently a Texas Instruments MVP.

And we have Peter Klement - Associate Director, Technology Advisory KPMG Australia.



Peter is passionate about using innovative technologies to create business value and help organisations to become more effective and efficient. He believes in the power of innovation ecosystems to drive business and technology transformation through collaboration.

In the last 20 years he had many different roles, including, but not limited to, software engineer, IT infrastructure specialist, enterprise architect, business analyst, project manager, IT strategy consultant and consulting practice manager. He worked for consulting companies like Capgemini and Sapient, corporates like Lufthansa and Asciano, as well as for software vendors like SAP and Software AG. Starting in Germany, Peter became a global nomad living in Europe, North America, South America and the AsiaPacific region. He holds a Master in Computer Science for the University of Applied Science in Munich and a MBA degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston.

At KPMG Peter is responsible for consulting engagements with a variety of clients, as well as driving the IoT activities for the firm. He is also founder of the "Internet of Everything - Sydney" community and leading the MIT alumni activities in ANZ.

The Melbourne  episode will take place on Thursday the 18th of June, where our panel of tech superstars so far includes;

  • Steven Stenton- Principal Enterprise Architect/Technical Director at Communications Design & Management Pty Limited
  • Roger Lawrence - Chief Technologist, Innovation - Asia-Pacific & Japan, HP
  • Sebastien Poly- Strategy & Innovation Executive at ABnote Australia
  • More incredible panelists to be confirmed soon!

So Xpand welcomes you to these largely interactive sessions and Q & As, which will be followed by networking time with all food and beverages provided.

This meet-up will be invaluable for architects, either from a technical or business point of view, but also for anyone with an interest in wearable devices and the IoT and what they will mean for your future and for that of your business. It will also be a great opportunity to network, interact, share knowledge and gain further insight into such a significant area of technological advancement.

The Sydney event is well subscribed, however we are currently working on a waiting list so please feel free to RSVP in case someone else is unable to attend. There are currently plenty of spaces left for the Melbourne event so to RSVP please click the link;

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney or Melbourne later this month!