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10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Hong Kong

2nd Jul 2015


1.    We have a cool office!

We have been taking advantage of the groovy, trendy, energetic, etc serviced office at The Hive! Located in the heart of Hong Kong, in the vibrant Wanchai, we are surrounded by fast growing companies, and we can enjoy our roof top terrace for lunch, drinks or even for a catch-up! 

2.    We are a social bunch at and outside of work!

Work hard and play hard! We are an office with music playing in the background at all times and always keen to crack a joke, discuss the latest news, etc. But once a hard day at work is finished, we often enjoy a drink (or two) together. I can’t count the number of occasions where we have gone out for lunches, drinks, salsa dance classes, etc. 

3.    You said multicultural? 

Well… we don’t even have 2 people from the same nationality! Hong Kong, American, English, Irish, Chinese, French… That makes an interesting mix! 

4.    Junk food…

I will not release her/his name but one member of the team is going through, on average, one full pack of sweets per day.

5.    Fashionistas…

We have a casual dress code in the office but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few surprises here and there… from pants cracking in an inconvenient place, to someone showing up in a full tuxedo! 

6.    We all love HK!

We have all been living in HK for years, and we are always keen to share our latest tips on new restaurants, new hiking spots, exhibitions, etc. 

7.    We are a bunch of foodies!

With an office based in Wanchai, the list of options is pretty much endless, BUT every day, the same question is asked around the office at lunchtime, “where do we go for lunch?” Some Xpanders are quite adventurous, some are less, and end up at the Mexican across the road every other day. 

8.    We have a social manager!

Salome has been elected unanimously, so when it comes to social activities outside of the office, she is the boss!  

9.    Friday breakfast…

We have breakfast together in the office every Friday morning… and the last one to show up is paying! Needless to say everybody is usually in quite early on Fridays! 

10.    And last but not least… The team is awesome!

I have been lucky enough to be able to build from scratch and shape a team that would be the core team members of Xpand Hong Kong… We have a team of really experienced recruiters, each being a recognized recruiter in their field, and I couldn’t be prouder of my team! 

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