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10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Melbourne

22nd Jul 2015


1.    We’re unique

We are currently the only team in the recruitment universe world without a single English person working for them!!! We’re a proud mix of True Blue country Victorians, Melbourne Socialites, the inevitable Irishman, a Scotsman (to add a level of class and sophistication) and a Kiwi.

2.    We may be young, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have experience!

The x:pand team has a great combination of gnarled recruitment veterans and bright young things! All told we have a combined total of over 80 years recruitment experience but unlike most 80 something’s we have the boundless energy of a sparkly eyed 20-year-old!

3.    Rio here we come!!!

We’re targeting a place on the Australian Table Tennis Team at the next Olympics. We love our office table tennis table. Our quarterly office TT tournament is hotly contested and the prize of Office champion is highly coveted!! The outcome of last quarter’s tournament went down to the wire with ongoing arguments about the result.

4.    We like to share!

We love hosting events, sharing knowledge and learning new things that we can share with our candidates and clients. Our most recent event on wearable devices and the internet of things was a great success. Our next event on August 20th will shine a light on the wonderful world of Development Operations. We’d love to see you there

5.    Diverse interests

Melbourne is Australia’s most cosmopolitan, culturally diverse and let’s be honest best cities and the x:pand VIC team is a direct reflection of this. We have an aspiring filmmaker, the next Floyd Mayweather, the Greek equivalent of Michael Jordan, an ex-Rock Star (in New Zealand), a couple of future Miss Fitness Australia winners. On top of all this we love to eat, drink and be very merry (see number 10)

6.    We know people who know things!

As you’d expect of a Digitally focused agency we love networking through social media. Our combined network allows us to reach literally hundreds of thousands of talented individuals who we share market knowledge, recruitment trends, exciting career opportunities and information about upcoming events.

7.    We know what we’re talking about!

The x:pand VIC team has real industry experience which allows us to see the world through our client’s and candidate’s eyes.
Our Technology team includes an ex-engineer and a systems analyst our digital team have worked in Sales, Marketing and Digital agency environments before seeing the light and joining x:pand.

8.    We’re Coffee snobs

Life’s too short for bad coffee.  We’re surrounded on all sides by some of the best caffeine dealers in Melbourne and we each have our own preferred establishment, just don’t ask us to agree which is the best.

9.    We’re passionate about what we do

We love our jobs; we get excited by the opportunity to place great talent, in fantastic jobs within exciting companies. As a team we’re committed to offering the best x:perience (see what we did there) to both candidates and clients.

10.    We love a good dumpling!

Like most Melbournians we’re all fixated with food and love nothing better than a good dumpling on a Friday!! Current favorites include HuTong Dumpling Bar and Dumplings Plus!!

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