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10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Singapore

9th Jul 2015


1.    We are quite culturally diverse

Singapore is of course, a melting pot of many different cultures and nationalities and within the Xpand Singapore team we have people from all over; Singapore, United Kingdom (this is recruitment afterall), Australia, India, Philippines, France and Oman.

2.    We like to be social

Friday afternoons in any Xpand office call for a round of white wine or coconut water and Xpand Singapore is no different. Once a month we’ll also head over to our favourite bar - My Awesome Café on Telok Ayer Street (check out pictures on our Facebook page) to talk about the highs and lows of the week and to kick back over a meat platter and a few bottles of wine! We also each contribute monthly to a social club, which allows us to have a big bash once a quarter. In the past we’ve done BBQs and karaoke, in the future you might catch us sailing round the southern islands of Singapore on board a lovely catamaran!

3.    The gong is sacred

Sticking to our Asian roots, we don’t celebrate deals by ringing bells… we bang our gong! The gong is pretty sacred, if someone bangs it for fun when there’s no placement – we gasp in horror and worry we’ve been jinxed.

4.    We do like a holiday

Everyone in Xpand is lucky to have an additional 2 Xpand days and 1 birthday day as holiday allowance, which can be taken at any time throughout the year. With 11 public holidays a year, Xpand Singapore are a lucky bunch. Some like to spend their free time relaxing at home with family and pets, eating out, exploring Universal Studios, or jetting off for a quick weekend in Bali, Thailand or Malaysia. We are very lucky to have such fantastic access to much of South East Asia.

5.    We are REALLY passionate about the industry

We are VERY passionate about digital, technology, media and communications. We are constantly reading, learning and engaging in the industry, which we immerse ourselves in. Did you know that 72% of our team have worked in industry prior to recruitment? We regularly attend all and any events we can get our hands on, sometimes abroad!

6.    We have a secret ice cream club (which isn’t very secretive)

A little ice cream fairy visits Xpand Singapore now and again to stock our freezer full of magnum ice creams. So when it’s needed, we can sneak off to the freezer for an ice cream break. 

7.    Everything stops for the rain

Everyone in Singapore will agree. Everything stops here when there’s a downpour. If you’re outside… good luck getting a taxi! The rain can be so torrential that many taxi drivers choose to stop driving for safety reasons. If you’re stuck at the hawker centre during lunch and want to go back to your office, even your umbrella won’t save you from a sideways monsoon.

8.    Food is a big deal

Singapore is a haven for foodies and Xpand Singapore certainly take advantage of this. We are actually pretty spoilt for choice as we are right next to Lau Pa Sat, one of Singapore’s most famous hawker centres. Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian, Western, Japanese, Local, Thai, Indonesian, Mexican, Costa Rican and many more cuisines are located within a stones throw of our office! It’s also very cheap to eat there! Sometimes if you want something badly enough you’ll have to go for lunch at 11.45am to beat the crowd!

9.    No jackets or cravats here

Singapore’s average temperature floats around 30c daily, with almost 90% humidity. All. Year. Round. In short – it’s very hot. In general, Xpanders adopt a smart casual dress sense and we certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to wear a suit jacket here! Our normal attire consists of sundresses, shirts, sandals and jeans. It’s summer all the time!

10.    We love our home

Walk into Xpand Singapore’s office and you’ll understand why we call it ‘home’. With our photo walls, well stocked fridge and big comfortable beanbags we try to make everyone feel welcome. All of us Xpanders have contributed meaningful photos to our photo walls; it feels even more like home when you see a picture of your family on the wall!

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