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10 Things You Might Not Know About Xpand Sydney

14th Jul 2015


1. We’re the marrying kind

Would you believe that the Sydney Xpanders are dropping off the singles scene like points off the Greek stock market? After finding themselves some of that extraordinary talent they’ve been looking for, it seems that just about every male Xpander with a pulse and a heart beat is falling down on one knee to swear their undying love and commitment to their sweethearts.

Having very recently celebrated Steve’s nuptials, the romance and wedding bells are set to continue with the impending marriage of David Cooney in early August and Priyanka Dayalan, Louise Kenny and Jaime Heely to follow suit very soon. Congrats guys, your talent search is over :P 

2. We love to host events

This is one of our favourite things to do and I dare say we do it well. Whether this be events hosted by Andrew Blades and the Australasian Architecture Network centered on the hottest topics in tech right now, or the ‘Sydney Mobile Marketing Meet- ups’ or our recent slam dunk collaboration with Pandora; we can’t help but give ourselves the proverbial pat on the back and reward ourselves with a few extra biscuits from the Xpand biscuit jar.

 3. We ride like the wind!

These days it seems that if you own a bike and like to ride it then you must work for Xpand. Every able bodied Xpander from Bondi to Blacktown is putting their foot to peddle and enjoying the wind in their hair. The issue has become so significant that management is contemplating putting bike lanes in the office. Fortunately our workplace has retained its status as a MAMAL free zone, however with a growing team and Lycra continuing its close relationship with cycling for the foreseeable future, I’m betting that this won’t last long.

4. We ‘Show and Tell’ on Fridays;

At Xpand every Friday, we conduct a ritual humiliation named ‘Show and Tell’ where team members are encouraged to present-  taking us into their weird and wonderful worlds-  and disclose some incriminating info that we (should) have been none the wiser to. The results have revealed a previous penchant for ‘rat tail haircuts’, a consultant who was once the geekiest, bucktoothed kid of all time (sorry Alec), a staff member with a passion for wearing Lycra on Oxford St, and one team member who has actually shorn sheep in outback Australia. What an interesting bunch we are!

(Stewart Salazar reveals that he used to teach Salsa on cruise ships and gives the team a lesson)

5. Pinball is our Religion;

In case you haven’t noticed, Xpand Sydney is fortunate enough to be in possession of a pinball machine to enjoy at our leisure. Unfortunately things have turned dangerously competitive as a knock out championship is underway to determine just who is ‘Xpand’s top baller’. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this competition already and lunch breaks which were once filled with joyous socialising are now made up of epic battles and a growing list of heartbroken casualties cowering in the corner in shame.  Just who will be ‘Xpand’s top baller’? Stay tuned for the results!

6. We’re passionate about talent and curry;

We are passionate about finding really good curry. We love it soooo much that is has become Xpand family tradition to try all the best curry restaurants in town.  We have even created our own curry club with colonial dress-up! Once every couple of months we have a ‘Colonial Curry Club’ night out where we dress up and stuff our faces with all the Rogan Josh and butter chicken we can get our hands on- and despite the unfortunate lack of fresh air in the office the following day it is sooo worth it.

7. We accidentally (on purpose) coordinate outfits all the time.

An amazing thing seems to happen at Xpand Sydney in which members of the team “accidentally” coordinate outfits virtually every day. They will swear to you that they had no idea that others within the office were planning to wear checks that day or stripes or even maroon t-shirts and yet this concerning trend continues to occur all too frequently.

They might try to blame fashion trends or give us the old “great minds think alike”, but after half the team “accidentally” turned up wearing floral print in the middle of winter, the whole thing really began to stink and I for one am just not buying it.

8. We still love a good dress up day! 

Dress up days are something that are near and dear to our hearts and so sometimes the need arises to unburden ourselves of society’s conventions and limitations on what makes normal office attire. I mean really, who made up those rules? Who says I can’t do my job properly while wearing a clown a suit? I know I can, I did it the other day!

9. We love online shopping;

Never a day goes by that a million parcels don’t arrive for the office. I’ve seen a lot of interesting items arrive over my time, from bicycle parts to crates of wine, to rugs, furniture and lego and even a cat gymnasium (I’m looking at you Steve).  What on earth will we see next?

10. We’re office proud;

I’m not gonna lie, our office is pretty cool. The fact that it once housed literally tons of sheep’s wool and is heritage listed- old, takes it up a level in my book. As tempting as it is to turn this warehouse filled with wooden stages and slopes, scales, ropes and rafters into our personal amusement park, we refrain.  We have the utmost respect for this place and our cheeks hurt from smiling because we’re so proud that we get to work in such an awesome place.