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AAN & Xpand: Melbourne DevOps Q & A

17th Aug 2015


With Sydney’s meet-up now behind us, Andrew Blades, the Australasian Architecture Network and Xpand are setting their sights on Melbourne this Thursday night the 20th of August, for what promises to be another exciting and informative session centred on the world of DevOps, with the evening will be held at our usual haunt the ‘The Deck- Waterside Hotel’

(Our Sydney panellists Yann and Andrew doing their Q & A at Xpand’s HQ in Millers point)

Now that we’re only days away, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce our amazing panellists and allow you to get to know them a little bit better before the big night.

Our first panellist we have been fortunate enough to have on the panel for the second time- Shiva Narayanaswamy who is an AWS  Solution Architect;


Shiva has over 12 years in various roles (from the trenches to the boardrooms) in the IT industry. Bridging the gap between technology and the business, working with stakeholders of all levels to enable design of solutions and strategy that deliver business outcomes, is what makes Shiva get out of bed in the morning.

Shiva is passionate about allowing technology to do what it does best, repeatable mundane tasks at speed and scale, thus freeing up people for more creative pursuits that cannot be automated or scaled. At AWS, Shiva is a Solutions Architect enabling partners and customers adopt the AWS platform, to meet their business needs.

Next panellist is Phil Jay, Senior DevOps Lead at Odecee;


With 10 years of industry experience, Philip Jay has a background in telecommunications networking and software delivery.  This mix of disciplines has allowed Phil to excel at cloud computing projects.  A certified AWS solution architect, Phil has a deep understanding of the VPC networking that underpins secure and highly available cloud architecture.

Phil learnt of the DevOps movement back in 2011 when he started attending the DevOps Melbourne meetup.  He's convinced that DevOps isn't just tooling, but should prompt wider discussions about how development teams and operations teams can work together to reduce cycle time.

In his role as a Senior DevOps Engineer at Odecee, Phil was instrumental in an AWS migration for Australia Post, and has been continuously improving their software delivery processes and pipelines since.

Then we have Peter Gatt, Managing Director of Vibrato;


Pete (or Gatty as you may know him) is a pioneer and evangelist in the devops community in Australia and abroad, and is dedicated to automating himself out of a job.  Whilst we all often talk about the technology and tooling in the devops space, it's important to understand how to mould that into an existing organisation.  Working and selling automation to all of the major banks, insurers, telco's and too many SME companies, Pete has extensive experience in delivering devops practices for teams small and large.

Gatty is the managing Director of Vibrato, a consultancy he established to deliver the same expertise he has developed over the last 15 years to all of his customers.  He is a passionate believer of devops being about the people and not the tooling or software used within a company.  Gatty is excited to share all of his knowledge with anyone willing to listen, having built several products, delivered them to market, helped companies do the like and mature many of the IT practises alive today in Enterprise companies.

And our final panellist is Andrew Hatch, Head of DevOps at Seek;


Andrew currently oversees a team of 12 people whose functions range from being embedded in Product Delivery Streams to drive better DevOps practices in development and testing, perform Level 1 support duties, manage our AWS Cloud environments and assist in the delivery of projects aimed at improving Seeks platforms and services

Prior to Seek Andrew worked as a consultant for a number of years on small through to large scale IT solutions in a number of roles spanning across Architecture, Development, Testing, IM and DevOps (both in Australia and India). Since 2009 Andrew began to gravitate more and more into the DevOps sphere, due to in part to getting bored with Architecture and Development roles and being more interested in the unique challenges DevOps presented. Andrew has a real passion for working in dynamic, innovative and challenging environments and building high-performing teams of talented and unique people.

Outside of work Andrew divides his time between being a dad to 2 boisterous kids, surfing on the Mornington Peninsula and fiddling with old Datsun cars.

We’re fortunate to have these expert speakers there to answer all of your burning questions about DevOps, how it works and what it really means.

For all the details on who, what where and why please see the poster below! If you would like to be a part of this exciting and informative evening or would like to know more about it, then please RSVP ASAP to the link below and remember to get moving as places are limited.

We look forward to seeing you all at ‘The Deck’ in Melbourne!