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Joining Xpand

10th Dec 2015


Starting a new role can be really nerve-racking but it was so different starting at Xpand’s Sydney office as Office Manager!

Having come in for my interview and meeting the Director and one of the Practice Managers I already felt so comfortable. I felt like I was speaking to my friends and not in a formal interview.

Xpand has a way of making you feel like you are part of a little family as soon as you start which is lovely.

Everyone is so down to earth from Directors to Recruiters, and of course the admin staff, and it seems like that in every office. The Sydney office is so cool and used to be an old wool factory, it’s like a warehouse apartment.

Plus you can express yourself by wearing whatever you want obviously in moderation. I wake up and I’m so excited to come into work! Thank you Xpand!