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What I Learnt At TradeTech Asia 2015

3rd Dec 2015


So I recently attended the 12th Annual TradeTech Asia conference 2015, held in the prestigious conference halls of Marina Bay Sands hotel, which I have to say, I was very excited to see in person. After arriving in Singapore to a pleasant but humid 30 degrees, I set about getting my bearings and familiarising myself with the agenda of the TradeTech conference over the course of the next 2 days. There was quite a bit to get through so just in case emergency refreshment was required, I did my homework in the rather nice bar of the Amara Hotel in which I was staying, very helpful staff with a nice selection of bar nuts.

The next day the approach to the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) was an impressive one as the building is an instantly recognisable part of the Singapore skyline and in your face as soon as you’ve left the CBD.

The conference began with a quick introduction and the plan for the first day followed by a networking breakfast and coffee interlude. The conference halls were split into 2 areas, one for the presentations and interactive industry chats and the other for the expo side where a number of my clients with Singapore offices had their stalls. Having worked with some of these clients over the phone for quite some time, it was great to finally put a face to the name.  The expo hall also doubled up as the lunch dining room and bar area for the TradeTech party which happened on the evening of first night. I was quite looking forward to the evening event not just because of the fine dining and great selection of Asian ales supplied by MBS, but this was where I’d be able to mingle with industry big hitters and cutting edge FinTech companies, learn from them, discuss their hiring needs and get to know each other a little better.
As far as I was aware, I was one of the only Recruiters who attended TradeTech Asia. People were slightly apprehensive on my initial approach but once I was able to relay my obvious interest and expertise in the industry and some of the high-level projects that team Capital Markets have been involved in, my newly acquired and rather splendid business cards started to run out!
I believe that attending TradeTech 2015 certainly gave me a much greater insight into the industry to which I recruit and when you specialise in such a niche space, your clients will always respect the fact that you’re taking the time to get a better understanding of their business and the industry. Although I must admit some of the more business-focused talks on equity and derivatives trading left me a little out of my depth.

Attending TradeTech Asia was certainly time well spent, I’ve definitely left more enlightened in regards to the business, what we can expect technology-wise over the next 12 months and made some great contacts, but on the same level it’s always great to catch up with fellow Xpanders from different offices on their home turf, meet some new ones and go for some light refreshments with the old timers… It’s fair to say I can’t wait for TradeTech 2016!