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What Some Xpanders Have To Say About 2015

29th Dec 2015


We asked some Xpanders  a few questions on how they felt about working for Xpand in 2015.

Let’s see what they have to say…

What was your highlight in 2015?

In my third week in Xpand meeting the whole organization in one go in Bali and also seeing the potential we have for a huge 2016 here in Melbourne – Ian H, Melbourne, Australia.

Starting my job at Xpand and loving the culture in Xpand, so different from anywhere else I have worked – Dora C, Singapore.

Getting this job at Xpand – Cat M, Sydney, Australia.

Well, getting a promotion to Marketing and Communications Manager was a pretty big highlight but otherwise, the sales kick-off in Bali would be the highlight of my year! – Jo C, Singapore.

Definitely Bali. I was excited for the trip and it far surpassed my expectations – Nick Z, Hong Kong.

If you had to describe Xpand in three words, what would they be?

Indescribable Awesome Experience – Eva P, Singapore.

Entertaining Intense Interesting – Nick Z, Hong Kong.

Challenging Fun Togetherness (if that’s even a word…) – Jo C, Singapore.

Learning Collaborating Laughing – Ian H, Melbourne, Australia.

Action Dedication Love – Nick S, Sydney, Australia.

What was one lesson you learnt this year?

How different the Xpand way is to any other agency I have worked for – Ian H, Melbourne, Australia.

“Microsolutions” work… Some things can seem totally overwhelming as a whole but if I break them up into small steps, actioned with consistency, amazing things can happen - Cat, M, Sydney, Australia.

Not to keep all your eggs in one basket – Nick S, Sydney, Australia.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh. – Eva P, Singapore.

Embrace Change – Christine J, Melbourne, Australia.

If someone made a movie about your Xpand life in 2015, what kind of genre would it be? And which actor/ess would you have play your role?

I’m thinking of a movie like sliding doors….and different paths someone can take.. comedy love story of you don’t what till your gone, which Is why I came back at Xpand after a short break away!!  Played by Drew Barrymore – Christine J, Melbourne, Australia.

It would be a comedy and I would be played by the guy who played “Kip” in Napoleon Dynamite – Nick Z, Hong Kong.

Action, Drama, Comedy and love – Daniel Craig – I’m very handsome, trained by the best and like to take out the bad guys – Nick S, Sydney, Australia.

A “Feel Good” movie with Catherine Zeta Jones – Cat M, Sydney, Australia.

Take a look at the video created by our Marketing and Communications Manager created earlier this year and check out our 2015 summary here!