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Recruitment & Retention

28th Jan 2016


Recruitment & Retention: Another reason for our ‘Candidate First’ value.

Attracting and retaining talent remains one of the top challenges that HR Directors face. Similarly jobseekers face a challenge in finding that next optimal career move, one which makes sense not only on paper but also in terms of the satisfaction derived from being in a position that is challenging and gives a sense of accomplishment. 

The attainment of satisfaction and accomplishment is achieved through different means for different individuals, meaning that there are many factors to consider. Likewise there are a variety of skills needed within each organisation; skills which allow the organisation’s people to firstly think up their strategic objectives and then finally reach those objectives within a constantly changing, and competitive environment. 

The challenge for us at Xpand is to adequately consider and balance all these variables to ensure that we are providing a professional recruitment service.

One thing we can be certain of amid these variables is that a content employee in a great job will not desire to leave ahead of their natural time to progress.  Equally an employer with a highly talented and motivated team will want to retain that team to reduce turnover costs, minimise the loss of irreplaceable skills and ultimately maintain the business’s performance. 

As recruiters it is our goal to ensure that our candidates are happy within the role they have been placed and that they have the intention to remain with the organisation; and, additionally, that our clients have recruited an individual who performs as anticipated. 

So how is this achieved?

Multiple bodies of research have identified the various factors that predict retention, namely an individual’s satisfaction with their job, their level of motivation, their satisfaction with both the intrinsic and monetary rewards granted and their affective commitment and cultural fit with the organisation. All these factors need to be considered when trying to establish how our candidates will feel a few months down the line.  There is no single best answer as to HOW we should go about this, instead our responsibility is to ensure that all the factors are given due consideration. 

By acting as a trusted adviser to our candidates we are able to accurately assess a lot of critical information relative to their suitability to an organisation and role. This does not only include their true ability relative to their performance but also other contributing factors such as what they require from a role to be satisfied in that role  (their goals and aspirations), their intrinsic drivers, their monetary needs and of course their expectations relative to the values of an organisation that they would like to work for. This allows us to truly and holistically understand the candidate and the right fit for them in respect of both an organisation and a role.

Additionally as recruiters we should be able to effectively communicate and relay relevant information about the role. This obviously includes job specific information and less obviously information that our candidates either might not have had the courage to ask or information relative to maximising their impact on the hiring manager in the organisation they are interviewing for.  

In a nutshell, by living by our candidate first value, all parties involved win.  This is because by ensuring that each candidate maximises their chance of long term success and longevity within an organisation we are able to add true value to all parties concerned.