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Thankful To Be An Xpander

13th Jan 2016


With years of experience working under strict managers, I found it hard to breathe as the management style I was used to was typically quite micro-managed. I’d become accustomed to lots of office politics and had to work my way around it. 

So when I join Xpand, it was Hallelujah!! Everyone was so easy going, super duper fun-loving people you see every day. There was so much enthusiasm coming to work every day! The working style is so different from my past working life; I can finally breathe fresh air!

The culture is so terrific: everyone gives encouragement to one another, teasing each other, it’s a happy working life. Even though there is so much laughter, it does not mean sloppy work. Everyone gives their best effort in every task given and superiors will always give their support as long as it is the right thing to do.

I totally love my work – be it administration, HR, finance or housekeeping (housekeeping really complements with my OCD blood).
Workload is never light but ultimately the job satisfaction I get is being able to play the important role to help my fellow colleagues and ensure having the clean & comfortable “home” for everyone.

I’m really thankful to be an Xpander!!