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5 Minutes With Harmit Singh

19th Feb 2016


Harmit has been in the IT field for more than 16 years and has spent 5 years working in Silicon Valley, USA, providing technical consultancy services to dotcom start-ups and established blue-chip companies. He has been performing various technical leadership roles with solid track record in building successful and high-calibre teams. 

A passionate technologist and currently working with iProperty as their CIO.

What are your digital / technology priorities for the year ahead?

To continue to focus on innovation, as that’s what drives our business. Mobile and Big Data will continue to be the main areas to focus on.

Which brands or businesses are using digital / technology to its full potential and how?

Many businesses that lean heavily on technology to disrupt the industry come to mind in this respect, examples in this regions include iProperty of course, iFlix and GrabTaxi among others.

What emerging technologies or trends should people be aware of?

Internet of Things (iOT) is the next big thing, with more and more devices getting on the grid and connected, generating a wealth of data that can be used to improve our lives.

How are people’s roles and positions in companies changing with the emergence of digital and technology?

I think roles are evolving in the digital age to allow for more innovation and freedom to experiment. So effectively the mantra is evolving to “It should be ok to fail, as long as you fail quickly and learn from it”. Organizations are seeing the need to evolve and continue to stay relevant in today's age of disruption.

What’s the best piece of innovation you have seen in recent time and why?

iProperty’s adoption of Big Data. We live, breathe and play with Data and are super excited about the potential it brings to our business moving forward.

How has employee engagement changed in recent times and how do you ensure that you have the highest levels among your employees?

Asian employees are keen on learning and growing their careers, and they want the opportunity to showcase their abilities. Employers have the responsibility to create a platform where their people can show their potential and become leaders in their own right.

What is your favourite local food?

That’s easy, Char Keow Teow, something that I’ve had to indulge in less and less over the years unfortunately to preserve my waist line ;)

Where is your favourite place to travel?

Anywhere away from traffic jams and my Inbox (which is unfortunately impossible in this day and age)