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AAN & X:ED Present - IoT Security Melbourne

10th Feb 2016


The AAN & X:ED meetups are back in 2016! In the second meetup of the year and the first for Melbourne, we are looking IoT Security. IoT has come a long way over the last few years, but how secure are they? What are the implications if they are hacked and how do you secure everything and still operate?

These questions and more will be covered in our presentations and panel discussion.

To kick things off, presenting for 30 minutes we have;

Steven Brealey, Lead Digital Transformation Consultant | Internet of Things, Cisco

Steven Brealey is a passionate Engineer / Technologist and is a Digital Transformation Consultant with Cisco Professional Services team supporting customers make the transition to Digital and IoT. 

With over 30 years of IT / Engineering experience, Steven has a strong background in Architecture, Applications development, Data / Information, Enterprise Integration and Security.   For the last 10 years has held various roles either managing or delivering consulting engagements in medium to large organisations both in Cisco and with other organisations.  

His key experience is in IT Architecture (Enterprise / Solution), IT Management, Systems Engineering, and Application Integration, Cloud, and more recently IoT.

Speaking on our panel;

Adam Sellers, Lead Solution Engineer, ANZ Platform Specialist,

A well rounded IT professional, Adam has excelled in both business and technical management roles. His ability to understand the technical, financial and organisational impacts of strategic IT decisions allows him to ensure that business outcomes are achieved. 

Having managed and worked on several organisational transformation projects, from ERP to business process and master data management initiatives, Adam brings a complete 360-degree view to bear on all challenges presented to him to deliver the right solution. 

Clarence Cheah, Sales Consulting Director | Digital & Identity, Oracle Australia

Director of Solutions Consulting at Oracle.  A passionate technologist with a business mind, Clarence leads a team of technical specialists responsible for Oracle’s Digital, Mobility and Security technology portfolio in the region.  Prior to this role, Clarence was Oracle Asia Pacific’s Head of Security and Identity Management Solutions Consulting.  Clarence is a technology evangelist, media spokesperson and a regular speaker at industry and technology conferences across Asia Pacific.

Craig Hall, Managed Defense Analyst, FireEye

Craig Hall is a senior security analyst with a focus on APT incident response. Craig has more than 10 years experience in cyber security and system engineering, and over that time has developed strong insights into security operations and best practices. In this time, Craig has responded to multiple state-sponsored APT campaigns and has worked to proactively improve the security posture of those involved.  

Craig joined FireEye’s Managed Defense team (now FireEye as a Service) in 2014 and has supported operations in Sydney, Singapore, Washington DC and California. Prior to joining the FireEye team, Craig held positions within Computer Science Corporation’s Security Operations Centre and Fujitsu’s Managed Security offering. 

Craig holds certifications from TAFE NSW and industry vendors. 

If you would like to know more about the event or to RSVP, click here to go to our meetups page and remember to do so as soon as possible as numbers are limited!